Friday, June 9, 2017

Another Week Inside

We certainly miss our girls.  

Today I spent time in the office going through all our cancellations.  I checked off the ones that show credit to my credit card.  I wrote across the top of those I am still waiting for the credit and made a few calls to finish off the requests.  The only reservation in place is the hotel in Cleveland for wedding #1.  I want to get this first round done before I start making any more.

I got the rest of the house in order and called it a day about 3:30.  Ted picked up the six shots I have to take instead of the Eliquis in preparation for my biopsy.  He fixed dinner and we watched reruns on TV.

Saturday I got all my daily things done, Ted washed his truck.  In the afternoon I got my shower, washed my hair and picked out clothes for church.  I still have to do things in small segments because I tire very easily.  Bottom line, this is boring!

We went to church and then to Red Lobster with Terry and Carol.  I wanted some coconut shrimp.  It turned out to be a good choice and we all enjoyed our meals.  I had a glass of wine, the only liquid I have had besides water and one glass of OJ since leaving the hospital.  The veins on the back of my hands are reappearing.  Hopefully my hydration is returning to normal.

Sunday we were invited to Terry and Carol's again for dinner and cards.  Irene came too because John is out of town.  Terry grilled chicken breasts and Carol fixed several dishes, all of which were great.  She is really a good cook.  Afterwards we played cards.  I wasn't doing real well but did get a Shanghai on the 5th game.  But that wasn't enough to put me in 1st or 2nd place.  We brought lots of leftovers home so I am still reprieved from cooking!

Monday was PT day and after that ... nothing.  To pass some time I decided to try on all my slacks and capris to weed out whatever didn't fit or I no longer wanted.  I guess I have been this same size for quite awhile because after going through all the beige, white, navy and jeans, I only had 2 pair to put in the bag.  I will get to black and  brown another time.

Diana came on Tuesday and gave me the first Lovinix shot and showed me how to do it.  I gave myself these shots in 2007 after my first hip replacement so I knew it was easy and not painful.  When she left I got dressed and WENT OUT BY MYSELF to the country club for a working lunch.  Gail got last year's nursing home leaders to meet with us to take over the reins.  We had about a 2.5 hour lunch and went over our responsibilities.  I brought 3 bins of balloons, ribbons, name tags, decorations, cups, etc. home with me.  There are more in storage at the Forum office so we will have to go see what is there that we can use.  I did okay by myself and made it home just fine.  And Gail picked up the whole lunch tab!  It was productive and enjoyable to get out.

Wednesday I took a walk with my PT guy for about a block, half of it an upgrade.  We talked the whole way and by the time we got back to the house I was getting winded.  It is the first time I felt like I was pushing myself.  A block isn't much but it is a start.

In the afternoon I went to the pulmonologist.  He checked me out and said he feels I am back 80%. We had lots of questions that he answered.  I didn't know this but they talked about removing my PE when I was in the hospital but they felt it was too risky.  We asked if I can plan on going to Ohio and Michigan the end of July and he said if we stop every two hours and I do my leg and feet bends in the car, it should be okay.  He reminded us that since they don't know how or why I developed a clot there will always be a chance of developing another.  That's what the filter is for.  My insurance policy!

The biopsy is on Friday.  I will be back then!

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