Friday, June 23, 2017

Not So Boring After All

We received a gift of frozen Chicago pizzas from my sister Margaret and fixed one for dinner.  It was excellent!  Afterwards we went to Lowe's to buy some begonias to replace some impatiens that weren't doing so well.  I think they are now getting too much sun since the trees have been trimmed.  

When we pulled into Lowe's parking lot, Ted's phone rang and it was Don and Trudy from Nacadoches, TX who spend winters with us in Mission.  They were getting ready to leave for Angel Fire, NM and wanted to check up on me before they get into tough Communications mode.  We had a long visit with them on speaker phones.

We bought a dozen plants and a new hose.  At home I was placing the plants along the wall where I wanted them to be planted when I got a video chat from my niece Amy in Pigeon Forge at the family reunion.  They were all gathered in the pavilion after dinner.  There are 110 people in attendance and Amy took the phone to each group so I could say hello and they could see I am doing ok.  

It breaks my heart not to be there but I have to do what the doctors say.  It is too dangerous not to.  Our RV friends approached "a girl that looked like you" in the breakfast room Saturday morning and asked if she knew me.  It was my niece Cindy!  

Ted's recliner was getting hard to close because the foam padding on the footrest was breaking down and interfering.  This was the second Lazy Boy loveseat recliner we had bought so we decided to buy a new leather one.  This new one is a BarcoLounger.  I hope we have better luck with this one.  

We stopped for late lunch/early dinner at Cracker Barrel before going home and getting ready for church.  We saw a deacon from our church there too.

Saturday was a full day of the reunion and there were several photos posted.  This reunion is for the descendents of Joseph Homer and Pearl Hall, my maternal great grandparents.  They had three children Ted, Joe and Lucille (Ruhe).

The big "kids" waiting to take a ride.

Big Splash Time at Dollywood

The little ones making handprints.  This is Lucas who is going to be a big brother! 


Tim and Cindy's family

The Connecticut, Maine and Florida group

Karen and Ron's family

Don Ruhe Family

Dan Ruhe Family

The Homer Family

The whole fam damily!

I was delighted to see them all and appreciate their sentiment that We Should Be There.

I was texting with Gerre in late afternoon and we decided they would come to our house, once we came home from church, to play cards.  Ted and Barry won after a whole game of ups and downs in score.  We had a fun evening and so far we haven't been bored!

We were expecting delivery of our loveseat between 1-3 on Sunday when we received a recorded message at 11:10 that our delivery was in 10 minutes.  We were not dressed and had not moved the old loveseat out of the way.  We scurried and were presentable 13 minutes later when the doorbell rang.  I think we did a great job on color.  We wanted to pick up the reddish brown in the carpet.  

We didn't do anything in the afternoon but did meet Terry, Carol and Sharon for dinner at Kona Grill.  Sharon, their daughter, was in from College Station for a 12th Man doings at our Conference Center.  Her husband Don left for Washington DC to visit their son so couldn't join us.

All in all, not as boring a weekend as I thought it would be.

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