Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On Our Own

Kara and Bill arrived home safely and immediately went to bed.  Babysitting your parents can be exhausting!

Wednesday morning the PT fellow came and he has extended the weights and time for each of my rotations.  I am still doing well.  It is also helping my back.  I cannot have any epidural shots in my back while taking Eliquis nor any aspirin based products so it is going to be PT and Tylenol to get by.  

After lunch I went out alone, only the second time, to play Mah Jong.  It is a training class and I am ahead of those learning so I have to be patient while they contemplate their moves.  I will be able to play the next four times and then another 3-4 times before the next season starts.  Hopefully we will all be playing on a similar plane at that time.  

It was dinner time when I arrived home and Ted had dinner ready.  I talked to my sister-in-law Marge who had arrived in the area of the family reunion.  Many are disappointed that we are unable to attend. We are disappointed too.

We watched PBS for some reason and waited for the rains to come from Storm Cindy.  It did rain through the night but we got just the western bands of the storm.  It went ashore near the TX/LA border.  I didn't even know there were A and B storms already!

Before I went to bed, I checked my email and my biopsy results had been posted to my portal.  It was scary to look at but I would rather know going into the doctor Friday than remain in the dark. It said it was benign endometrial tissue.   However, it also said "scant sample so may not be representative."  That is good news but still leaves room to wonder.  I guess we'll know next steps, if any, on Friday.

Ted shot skeet on Thursday and I cleaned out 3 more drawers.  My bag for Paralyzed Texas Vets is full plus I have a few computer bags and a rug.  But I just might get to those brown and black slacks I need to try on.  

Around 5:00, our next door neighbors came over to visit.  They split their time between here, their house in Israel and their son's home in California.  We help out with mail and garbage cans when we are here.  Rafi had his hip replaced this past winter and now needs the other one done.  He wanted to know how I did with my second one.  And they were interested in how I was doing after my hospital stay.  We had a nice visit for a few hours and then we had a quiet evening.

Friday we went to see Dr. LB.  He said the news was good, benign, but I questioned him on the "scant" sample remark.  He said he took random samples circling three times and felt confident it was a good representation of the lining.  He did reiterate that normally he would do a D&C but for now he feels a follow-up ultrasound in 6 months will put us in a better position to go forward with that treatment.  I will take this report to the cardiologist so she knows where we stand.

My family is gathering in Pigeon Forge and they are sending greetings and photos.  One of the two couples we were going on to Nashville with has arrived with the other one due in tomorrow.  All my family should be there by dinner time this evening.  I bet their paths cross!

We are in for a boring weekend so I will end this here for now.  Maybe I will get more photos to post next time.


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