Saturday, October 29, 2016

Time To Head For Home

With all the kids coming for dinner, I got the crockpot down to make the chicken to be used for our taco bar.  I also made a corn pudding dish while Kara made a flan.  This meal would make Bidkar happy since he is Hispanic.  He also has to eat gluten free like Morgan so care is needed in food preparation.

Everyone eventually arrived and we had a nice meal and visit and eventually we all ended up watching Halloweentown on the TV.  It was late when they all left.

When Kara's family flew to Colorado to spend a week with us this summer, they were diverted to Albuquerque because of storms.  Southwest gave them four half price vouchers that needed to be booked by the end of October and used by the end of January.  She called to ask for an extension due to her surgery. She was hoping to use them in July when they fly to Seattle for their Alaskan cruise but no dice.  They are transferable so she offered two to Bill's sister who said they couldn't use them and two to us if we wanted to come for Christmas. I checked flights out of Hobby into both Detroit and Flint and came up with a Christmas Eve flight up, and return on Wednesday.  When Ted called, Kara told him and he said if I wanted to come, we would.  What is one more trip in this crazy year of traveling?  I don't relish the traveling to and from part but love being with the kids on Christmas.  Kara eventually gave the other two to a friend who has a daughter away at college who can now fly her home for Thanksgiving and Christmas for half price.  

We went to church at 5:00 and invited Grandma Duda to come with us to dinner since she was alone in church. She readily accepted and met us there.  We went to my favorite Italian restaurant and we had a lovely dinner.  Once home we didn't even turn the TV on, just sat and talked until bedtime.

Sunday morning I packed my bags after I got myself ready.  Then I went to the grocery to get pumpkins to carve and a few things Kara needed.  Morgan carved both of them herself.

In the meantime Bill took Sam and a carload of returnable bottles to school for some project where they are raising money.  I am not sure if it was the NY trip to play Carnegie Hall or his robotics club.  Then Bill took Morgan to church to study to become an altar girl.  Once he picked her back up, we left for the airport.  I had TSA pre-check again so breezed through.  However, I had to retrace my steps back to Concourse B but I had plenty of time.  I love this pre-check thing.  Age does have its benefits at times!  

It was a smooth flight; however, the seat was hard as a rock!  My butt was numb when I stood up!  A friend was also on the plane and we chatted while waiting for our gate checked luggage.  Because we had arrived early, I was at the curb waiting for Ted when he arrived.  We first started to go to Outback for dinner but changed our minds and decided to just go to Culver's for a burger instead.  I ran into a friend there too.  It is always nice to come home.

Ted was going to Beaumont Monday so we got moving to accomplish the things that needed to be done first. He went to the bank to deposit a check and to the grocery to get grapes that I needed to take Tuesday to the Forum Friends Senior lunch.  I unpacked my bag, threw sheets in the washer, remade the bed and then got dressed.  We were heading to the polls to vote when Isabelle called to ask if she could clean at 4:00 and I told her yes.  Voting didn't take too long.  It took awhile to find a place to park though!  Then we had to go back to the bank to get cash for Isabelle so on the way Ted gassed up my car and had it washed.

Ted left and I went through the mail, balanced my checkbook, arranged to pick up Judy in the morning and stayed out of Isabelle's way.  I watched DWTS in the evening and called it a day.

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