Sunday, October 9, 2016

One Week Until Back to the Airport

Thursday we waited for our company to arrive. At the last minute they called to say they were going to stay at his sister's.  I guess people were coming and going so there was a room open for them.  It was better for them to be with family as much as possible I thought.  I put the towels back in the linen closet and we ate our dinner and now we have some leftovers.

Friday we had tickets for our community theater.  We met Gerre and Barry for dinner and exchanged gifts (her birthday is the day before mine).  They bought our dinner for watching Tucker which wasn't necessary but they insisted!  The play 39 Steps was different to say the least!  I googled it the next day and wished I had done that before we saw it.  It is a very old, storied play written to be played by only four actors.  So now we understand it a bit too late.

Saturday we were mostly glued to our TV watching the weather.  We have family and friends from Boca Raton FL clear to Virginia so we had a vested interest in every step of the path of Matthew.  Everyone has reported in as being safe and so far we have only learned of minimal damage done to anyone's home.  Many others have had lots of damage and we certainly feel for them but thank God for the good news we received.

We went to church and afterwards left to play cards.  Ted won at his table and also had a Shanghai.  I missed second place by 1 point at my table!  It was very late when we arrived home.

Ted met his buddies on Sunday morning as usual to shoot skeet.  He learned Steve, a regular who went to San Antonio to the Nationals, won in his class.  He received a belt buckle like Ted's but also won a shotgun, just like mine, in celebration of Remington's 200th anniversary.   Congratulations to Steve!  

After Ted came home we left to see Tommy and Susan who are at the close-by campground  for the month of October.  They insisted we come for dinner.  We had a good visit and didn't get home until after 8:00. We had to stop to get chips, pretzels and sugar free lemonade for a funeral luncheon at church on Monday.  I couldn't find the lemonade (for diabetics attending the funeral) so I bought a gallon of distilled water and Crystal Light and made my own!  I taped the empty packet to the front of the bottle so they would know what it was.

I forgot to mention that I sent a $100 check to my nephew to spend at a fundraiser for a 5 year old boy with brain cancer.  Imagine my surprise when he said I won gift cards from Cracker Barrel, Outback, Longhorn, O'Charley's and Chik Fil A, about $70 in all.  There was a T-shirt, drink cozies and a bottle of wine too.  I never win anything!  I told him to send the Cracker Barrel, Chik Fil A and Outback cards and keep the rest of the things for himself.  I was so tickled to win!  I have prayed for this youngster for a long while now and he is able to go to regular school for kindergarten this year.  Such good news.

Ted delivered the food items to church for me on Monday morning before he left for Beaumont.  Monday afternoon I played Canasta with my ladies' group.  We had two tables and once again I came in the middle with my score.  We switch partners after each game so you just never know how you are doing.  It all gets added up at the end.  We play for $1 so no one worries about the outcome.

Tuesday I made another gallon of sugar free lemonade for a second funeral in as many days then went over to church at 10:30 to help set up.  When we finished serving about 150 people I helped clean up and took 11 tablecloths home to launder.  I need to get them back quickly because they are in constant use.  Ted had returned from Beaumont and met Dick for lunch.  They were the only two men available for their monthly luncheon.  Our ladies one is Thursday.

I am down to a few days until I fly north and have to be thinking about my luggage.  We are still wearing summer stuff and I don't think that will work up there until the end of October.

Today is my one year check up since hip surgery, get a flu shot, take the 11 clean tablecloths back to church and hit the nail salon.  Tomorrow is the neighborhood lunch and Isabelle will clean.  I need to check my calendar for the weekend.  I think it is a quiet one!

One of the nice things about being busy is it makes you focus on what's important to you and how you use your time. ~ Lorne Michaels 



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