Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Back in the Swing

Judy and I had a bit of difficulty on Tuesday!  We arranged to meet in the church parking lot not realizing the school children would be getting dropped off which sets up a one-way traffic pattern and the Seniors were gathering in the small parking area left open for their bus.  I have no idea where they were going on their day trip.  We finally got together after moving orange cones for me and Judy getting in the kids' line twice!  We proceeded south, talking all the way.  Eventually Judy said "where are we going?"  I thought for a moment and then realized I was on auto pilot and was heading to the CWJF office instead of Good Shepherd Episcopalian Church!  We backtracked a few minutes and were on the right road and arrived in time.

Once there we gathered up our grapes, bingo prizes and purses and Judy couldn't find her name tag. She had dropped a book when getting in the car and we thought maybe she had dropped it.  Later on she had her tag on and said it was in her pocket!  We had a good laugh.  She wanted to pay me for gas but I told her I might still be out there roaming around mindlessly if she wasn't along.

Tuesday's theme was "gone fishin'" and after bingo and entertainment, a box lunch was served.  

Table 20, my table.

Entertainment was the Sowell Family and they are one of the favorite acts.  They received a standing ovation.

My thought when I saw all these walkers lined up was "Gentlemen, start your engines."

Once we had everything all cleaned up, we headed home with no detours.  Ted came home from Beaumont right after me.  Our neighbor came over to get her mail and gave us instructions as to what she was waiting for since she was leaving again for her job.  

We decided to eat at Chik Fil A before church.  We ran into Gordon, our handyman, on the way in to the restaurant.  He is making a cover for our water main in the garage wall.  Mass was at 7 pm for All Saints Day and the parking lot was more crowded than on Saturday or Sunday.  We ran into Colleen on the way out.  I do enjoy meeting people we know about town.  

I didn't do much Wednesday except clear my desk of a few things and make lemon squares for a funeral on Thursday.  I can't help at the luncheon because I am scheduled to work at the Thrift Shop.  My volunteering is affecting my volunteering!

My betting pool person on Survivor got voted off!  She was a great player and won immunities for her team.  But they got paranoid because she would be a threat in individual immunities so out she went!  I am bummed!  We watched some of Game 7 of the World Series (Congratulations, Cubs) interspersed with song clips from the CMA awards.  I thought it a shame that Beyoncé forgot to wear her slip.  The poor thing must have been terribly embarrassed.  NOT!  

I was up early Thursday to work at the Thrift Shop.  On my way there I dropped off the lemon squares at church.  The parking lot at the store was full and the store was jammed.  Wednesday night was Christmas Changeover and the folks were out in force shopping.  

Empty shelves awaiting their Christmas items on Wednesday night.

The crew that worked the Changeover

The finished results.

Our job Thursday was to empty the remaining bins that were locked in dressing room 4 because there was no place to put any more out Wednesday night.  The way things were flying off the shelf there was no problem for us to refill the empty spots. We had young men from a church group that brought the heavy containers to us and took the empty ones away to be stored.  All through the year, Christmas items are examined, priced and stored waiting for the Changeover.  

Everyone started a box for themselves because there were some real buys. I got a great present for my friend for her collection, but I can't say what.  I bought Ted two heavy duty extension cords just because they come in handy, I bought my daughter something she will flip over, a few Christmas picks to stick in my green plants as a little holiday touch and Christmas dresses and PJs for Lily and the twins.

I sent these photos to Sarah and she was pleased.  She is an OB nurse so when she is finished with the clothes they go to our other niece Jemma and then to anyone Sarah thinks can use them.  I buy all the new with tags baby clothes so she can offer them to new mothers that have little.  And the shop makes money to help those down on their luck in our own area.

I came home and ate the salad Ted made me.  He was shooting sporting clays in the afternoon so I boxed up the girls' things and will take it to the post office.  Then I plopped on the couch for a little rest.

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