Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Off I Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder

Ted dropped me off at the airport and since I had my TSA Pre-Check boarding pass and no checked luggage, I headed right to security.  No problem there and I was at the gate with plenty of time to spare.  We had a different, bigger plane than had been displayed when I chose my seat so even though we left a half hour late, we arrived 15 minutes early.  It was a l-o-n-g haul down Concourse B to the tunnel connecting to Concourse A, then out to the ticketing area and up an escalator to meet Gus and Melissa who were picking me up.  I felt like I walked from Toledo!

We were going to dinner and I paid no attention to where we headed.  Eventually we were at 12 Oaks Mall and heading to Carraba's.  When we were taken to our table, Tony and Mary were there to greet us!  I worked with both Gus and Tony 20 years ago in Detroit.  While I see Gus frequently, this is the first time I had seen Tony.  Other good friends, Bill and Lorie, were unable to come but hopefully I will see them sometime over the next two weeks.

It was about 8:00 when they dropped me off at Kara's.  They were all glad to see the nurse, chauffeur and cook arrive.  The kids don't really need me to look after them but someone needs to be at the helm to keep the household running smoothly.  I went to bed pretty early and got to sleep with the window open, something we don't do in Texas very often.

I didn't have much to do on Wednesday.  The house had been cleaned, the laundry done and the dishwasher emptied.  I went downstairs when I woke up and found no one!  After awhile Kara returned in her bathrobe.  The school bus never came so she drove Morgan and Brynn to school.  Morgan texted later that the bus arrived 10 minutes after classes started.  We never did learn what the problem was.

Kara was on the phone all morning tying up as many loose ends as she could before her leave starts.  I just stayed out of her way.  She had a meeting downtown and eventually left about noon.  I made the kids' beds and mine and got dressed myself.  By 2:15 they started returning.  I took the kids to Red Robin for dinner and then dropped Sam off at school  for Robotics and Morgan and I went home.  Kara and Bill had gone on to Conferences for Morgan, picked up Sam and then went to the grocery.  I offered to do either thing but I think they wanted to spend some time together.  The kids and I just stayed home.  Thursday was going to be an early morning for all.

I got up at 6:00 on Thursday and the kids' things had all been put out.  I didn't need to do anything but be sure they were up and out the door on time.  Kelly came over around noon and Morgan came home because she had just half a day.  At 2:45 I had to leave and pick up Sam.  Kara's surgery went well but she was unable to go to the bathroom so she didn't get home until about 7 o'clock.  She was so terribly pale and worn out from the awful drive from downtown.  I had made dinner for everyone and it wasn't too long that everyone was heading to bed.

I was up again at 6 on Friday but this time I had to make breakfast, dispense meds, pack lunches and get them out the door in a timely fashion.  Kara was looking better and getting around a bit better.  She still needs help in and out of the chair and bed.  Bill has been doing that for her.  The kids went to their father's from school so I fixed dinner for just the three of us and we watched TV for the evening.

Saturday I slept late.  The kids were still gone so I just stayed upstairs so Bill and Kara had time alone.  When the kids came home, I made dinner again and we watched some football and other TV.  Kara sleeps a lot due to the pain pills so Bill and I just do what needs to be done without disturbing her.  She is feeling some better but is still very sore.  Getting up and down is painful.

Tomorrow I will get out to church and a tea for two ladies at church that I have known since 1981.  I am looking forward to it!

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