Monday, October 24, 2016

Like Coming Home

We lived in this area of Michigan for 16 years, moving here from Cincinnati in 1981. The girls all graduated from Troy Athens High school but all went to different schools afterwards - Rochester College, Oakland University and Bowling Green of Ohio. The two older ones married young men from here while Kristin moved to Florida with us.  When we moved to Texas she stayed behind, eventually marrying a man from Winter Springs, FL.  

And even though we have been gone 20 years, I walked into our old church and was welcomed by many old friends.  When I went to the tea that afternoon, there was a huge group of women who greeted and hugged me and seemed so genuinely pleased to see me.  They all remembered we were in Texas now but no one believed we left Michigan 20 years ago.

I was so happy to honor my two friends, Betty and Jane, who were being feted for all their work in the parish.  They joined before the church was a parish, they met in the Methodist church* and worked on the committee to request becoming a parish.  Their families, peers and Father Norm all had fine words to say about them.  My biggest surprise was to learn their ages.  The lady on the left is Jane, mother of six, and is 79 and Betty on the right, mother of 9, is 89!  She is as trim, spry and beautiful as ever.  We golfed in the Chicken Open together with Ted's golf group for many years.

These are my table mates.  I knew them all but one.  The sad thing is four of the five I knew have lost their husbands.  The glad part was when the photographer asked "you two young ladies" (Diane and I) to go stand on the opposite side of the table for a group photo! 

I had a delightful time and was so glad I was here this weekend to attend.

*The Methodist church the parish met in was eventually sold to the Troy Historical Village.  In 2005 Ted's cousin, Rev. Terry Keehan, flew in from Chicago and celebrated Mass for our 40th anniversary.  I believe about 75 were in attendance.  In 2014, my middle daughter was married in this church too.  

I returned home and fixed dinner for the family but ate very little because of the tea sandwiches and desserts I ate!

On Monday 6:15 rolled around very early.  I did breakfast, lunches, pills for fall allergies, etc. and sent the kids off.  I unloaded the dishwasher and did two loads of laundry.  Kara was able to get a shower and wash her hair on her own but paid for it the rest of the day.  I took Sam to an appointment at 3:30 and came back to start dinner.

Kristin's husband, Larry, had his thyroid removed today.  It was diagnosed as cancerous back in September.  The prognosis is excellent but he too could not go to the bathroom and finally was catherized and sent home with meds in case it continued.  She said he was being a PITA as a patient. Needless to say, my mind has been all over the place this weekend.

Today I am meeting my granddaughter, my daughter and her mother-in-law at The Wedding Shoppe to look at bridal gowns.  I am unaware of any plan dates  but there must be some coming down the road sooner than I expected!  I suppose they will fill me in today.

"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” —When Harry Met Sally

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