Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Independence Week

This would be a very busy week.  There were things to do and people to see before we take off.  Nancy will take care of our mail and Chris will take up residence again.  Yeah!  Glad that is all settled.

Saturday we went to Mass at the church south of us.  We planned on going out to dinner with Tommy and Susan afterwards so attending church by them gave us a half hour earlier arrival time at the campground.  But then Susan texted and said if it was okay with us they would cook burgers at the motorhome.  That was fine by us but she wouldn't allow us to bring anything!  No matter what I offered she already had it.  Seeing them was our main mission so where we ate was incidental.

We arrived right at 6:15 and Tommy directed us to park behind his Allegro Bus.  The park is full so he moved his own car to a parking spot when one opened up leaving their area open for us to park.  We saw the owners on our way in and they are apparently in the park less and less with more Management in place running things.

The grill was fired up and I helped Susan carry everything out to the table for our dinner.  I hadn't eaten much all day and that burger sure tasted good!  We had watermelon and birthday cake for dessert.  We stayed until about 10:00 just talking and messing with his newest gadget, Echo.  It is pretty neat.  I asked it to play Jimmie Rodgers Blue Yodel #6 (also known as T For Texas) which is from the '30s and she had no problem with the request.  I asked what was on Susan's  grocery list and she said "9 volt batteries and pepper!" That list appears on an app on Tommy's phone so he can bring it up at the store.  I may need one of these just for entertainment value.

A fellow that Ted calls on at the newspaper told Ted he and his wife were coming to our community's Red White and Blue symphony concert.  We usually are not here for the Fourth and I wanted to go too.  So I reserved 4 seats with our church group so we would be sure to have seats in the pavilion and not have to sit on the grass.  We made reservations at an exceptionally nice restaurant for dinner and met them there.  We had a leisurely dinner, saw a great performance and then had a drink afterwards to let the traffic clear.  We all agreed to do it again for their Christmas performance!  We had a very nice time.

Monday we just hung around the house and Ted went to check the trailer tires and batteries.  Everything is in order he said.  We grilled outside for dinner and I made a cherry cobbler using what I think are the last cherries from last summer's picking in Traverse City.  It will get stale before we eat it all!

We planned to go see our community fireworks but got so engrossed in the Boston, New York and Houston concerts and fireworks on TV that we decided to just enjoy them.  I have decided my childhood punishments have turned into my adult goals - stay home, go to bed early, clean your plate, etc.

On Tuesday Ted went to Beaumont and I went to get my hair cut.  It was late afternoon before I started home.  Since Ted wasn't going to be home for dinner I stopped at Panera's and had soup and a salad for lunch/dinner.  

Sarah wrote that the boxes arrived and everything will fit.  I had included two red tutus and a sparkly skirt for dress up.  The boxes weren't even empty and Lily had one of the tutus on!  Such fun.

Wednesday I had my Echocardigram and I will get the results on Friday.  Ted came home from Beaumont and I followed him to the garage to leave the truck for shocks and brakes.  At 5:30 we met our group of neighbors for dinner at another nice restaurant in our area to say goodbye to Dick and Gracie.  It is sad to lose such good neighbors and friends but we wish them well in their new home. 

We had another invitation to dinner and cards at Irene and John's on Thursday.  Their house was still all decorated in red/white/blue and she does a fabulous job.  

There was so much food and I felt bad because several folks ate almost nothing but Ted and I enjoyed a bit of everything.  I came in second in cards and replenished some of my dimes.  It was a nice time seeing friends we haven't spent much time with lately. 

My doctor appointment was at 1:00 Friday and I was called back quickly.  Dr. N said my BP was right on and my echocardiogram showed my heart working perfectly.  All the chambers, walls, valves all working just as they should.  He said to continue on the new BP medicine and come back if anything else should arrive.

We met Pam and Wayne for dinner before going to the theater.  They are watching Tucker since we are leaving before Gerre returns and she gave them their tickets.  I was so busy I hadn't given thought about dinner so I was glad when Pam called and we set it up.  We saw Mousetrap and it was pretty good. Apparently it has been showing in London for 64 years!  We had to take a pledge at the conclusion that we would not divulge the ending!  It was a really fun evening.

Eileen and Tom have completed their first day on the road.  They will travel into Louisiana tomorrow and pull into the park close to us on Sunday.  Monday we will pull the RV to the park and load it up.  Tuesday we head north.

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