Monday, June 27, 2016

Starting The Countdown Again

Sunday was spent making reservations for campgrounds and researching the Texas Extravaganza production in Palo Duro Canyon and the Cog Railroad to Pike's Peak in Colorado.  By day's end we were all set with our first six campgrounds as well as tickets to the Extravaganza including dinner and the shuttle bus at Palo Duro and tickets for the train ride.  That will take us to August 7 so we will plan beyond that when we get on the road.  We want to stay up in high elevations to keep cool.

Monday was low key because we had no water.  Our shut off valve needed to be replaced and it was a bit harder and took longer than expected.  Other than straightening up, there wasn't much else I could do.  Eventually we were up and running again but it was time to fix dinner.

I worked four hours at the Thrift Shop on Tuesday.  My back is still a bit sore but I held up OK.  Just as I was leaving it rained like crazy and the lights went out.  They went on emergency power and we were able to check out and be on our way.  I had more things for Maddie, Morgan and Lily.  

I boxed up the girls' clothes and took them to the post office.  The several info pages needed to be filled out for the cardiologist on Thursday had to be tended to.  I also finished up my bunco sheet for next year's bunco calendar.  I have hostesses for September through June 2017.  I sent it off to the newsletter editor and she has all she needs from me for the whole year.  All these loose ends are getting done.  

I am squared away on our $166 yearly Medicare deductibles so there are no past due bills when I return.  The problem is you don't know who got their paperwork in first so you don't know who or how much to pay!  Mine was the hip doctor and our primary dr.  Ted was eye, primary and gastro guy!  We are done!  I do love my Medicare and Supplement G.  No paperwork, no co-pays, no more deductible after the $166, no networks, no referrals.  Good anywhere Medicare is accepted throughout the USA.  

I saw the cardiologist on Thursday.  He listened to my tale of woe about the swelling in my feet that would not go away while we were gone and then no subsequent problems since coming home.  He listened to every pulse spot on my body and checked my EKG they had just run.  He said he saw no indication of a heart problem and blamed the situation on the plane ride and the BP medicine I had been prescribed.  He has scheduled an Echocardigram for next week and prescribed a different medicine.  Hopefully it will confirm his thoughts and I will be good to go next week.

Ted shot Sporting Clays Friday and I got busy around the house.  After normal morning straightening up and emptying the dishwasher, I started the laundry.  As I folded it, I placed it on the twin bed getting it ready for transfer to the trailer.  Then I printed the 10 sets of score sheets for my bunco group.  I cleaned out the bag, sharpened all the pencils and have it ready for our September meeting.  

I worked on my travel spreadsheet changing our length of stay at three of the Arizona campgrounds.  We need to stay up in Flagstaff in the cooler elevation and only go down to Phoenix for the weekend of the anniversary celebrations. We will be heading east on Tuesday after Labor Day.  We will take another two weeks getting home.

This upcoming work is really busy so I will end here by wishing you all a Great 4th of July Celebration.

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