Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Week With The Kids

We arrived in Colorado Springs just fine but were dismayed at the crowded conditions of the campground.  Getting large rigs around the tight turns and obstacles is mind boggling.  Getting into the site is a whole other ballgame!  Our first attempt in trying to avoid crowding our neighbor on our right would not let our LR slide on the left come out because of the electric box for Tom and Eileen on the left.   Ted backed out and moved over until our right side slides are right up to our neighbor's patio which gave our right slide about a six inch clearance from the electric box.  When we tried to level, our automatic leveling system would stroke out.  We left it until the next morning when Ted hooked up again and had to use 20 leveling blocks to make the leveler work.  To add insult to injury, Tom's cable, water hose and electric cord are running across our "yard" and his sewer connection is next to our picnic table.  This is duplicated all the way down the line!

This is Garden of the Gods campground, an RVC property, Good Sam park and is not cheap!  Their only good thing is proximity to what we want to see (along with lots of other people).  I would not return here with a big rig.

The kids arrived in Denver after an extra stop in Albuquerque due to storms.  They spent the night at a hotel and arrived at their cabin in the campground late afternoon on Sunday.  I fixed roasted chicken, stuffing, corn, a tomato/onion/cucumber salad and rolls for dinner and the 8 of us ate together. 

Bill found a loose connection to the motor where the fuse keeps blowing so he tightened that.  We ran the vanity and kitchen slide in and out a bit and it seems ok.  The factory said they are replacing that fuse with a breaker now so we aren't the only ones having this problem.  Of course that doesn't fix whatever the root problem is, only makes the fix quicker!  He also replaced catches on my laundry cabinet that had broken.  He is our McGyver for fixing things!

Monday we headed first to Garden of the Gods park.  It was crowded with parking being the main obstacle especially with two cars.  It is beautiful and the kids loved it.

We visited the center to view the exhibits and look around in general.

Then we headed to Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings.  It was the first time the kids have seen Native American pueblo housing.

Gathered in a tipi which is not indigenous to these local tribes.

Drawings that are preserved.

Beautiful scenery.

Century Plant, an agave that blooms once in a lifetime and we were here for it!

We took a time out before heading to Pueblo to see the Redhead Express at the Pueblo County Fair.  You may recall this is one of our favorite Rio Grande Valley groups that we have followed for probably 8 years.  I was concerned about the kids' reaction but they absolutely loved it!

Ted's two redheads - granddaughter Morgan and Meghan the bass player for the group.

Poppa bought them both a CD, had them autographed and then a picture taken with all of them.

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