Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Continuing On

Our departure was delayed a half hour Monday morning when our slides would not come in.  There was no response on any of the four so we figured it was an electric disconnect somewhere.  After a phone call, a few photos texted to Slade and locating the proper connection, we figured out where to look.  Thankfully we had a 30 amp fuse and that did the trick.

Our route was I-40 back into the Texas panhandle to Amarillo.  We stopped at a Flying J for Tom to fuel up but Ted had filled up Sunday night so we just pulled in and waited.  It gave us an opportunity to get a coffee and a cappuccino with our Pilot gift cards.  My brother owns a trucking company and gave us lots of cards he uses as rewards for his drivers.  I texted him "thanks for the coffee" but I think he is in Canada fishing.  Next stop was a snazzy rest stop building along the way.

We arrived at our campground west of Amarillo and got set up.  We did a quick run to Walmart to get Tom a birthday card and cake.  Then we stopped at the Texas Travel Center and stocked up on local info.  Around 9:00 we celebrated Tom's birthday.  We skipped Mexican Train and were in bed by 11:00.

Tuesday we had to make a run to an AT&T store because Eileen's phone locked up and she couldn't get it open but Siri kept talking to her.  The lady pushed two buttons, reset the entire phone and we were good to go.

Next stop was Bob's Classic Car Museum.  

I have never seen such a large, gorgeous group of classics gathered in one place.  I always look for a 1956 Chevy BelAir because that was my first car and I was not disappointed.  However, mine was black and white.

And we found the car we dated in with our best man and maid of honor, a red and white Olds convertible but I don't remember the exact year, but somewhere in the late '50s.  We have many memories of the times we spent with them during high school and we are still friends today and visit when we are in Cincinnati.

This car got my vote for snazziest paint job.

From there we went to Jack Sizemore's RV museum.  I liked this collection even better than the museum in Indiana where most RVs are made.

This is the motorhome used in the movie RV starring Robin Williams.  Behind it is the first Itasca ever built.

And Ted found a prop in that first Itasca, a Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper printed on a Thursday night in 1974.  Odds are great he worked that night in the pressroom and printed this very newspaper.

We drove to the historic strip of Route 66 but there isn't much there.  

We did find a politician though.

A stop in an antique store told me the bowls I received as a wedding  shower gift in 1965 probably shouldn't be used everyday like I do.

We headed to the Midpoint Cafe, about 40 miles west of town.  Our intention was to have lunch but when we arrived they said their walk in refrigerator compressor broke and they weren't serving food.  So we took a few photos showing we were 1139 miles from Los Angeles to the west and 1139 miles from Chicago to the east.

We started back using the GPS food button to locate another restaurant out in the middle of nowhere. It showed two in Vega.  When we arrived the first one was no longer in business nor was the motel attached to it.  But there were cars in front of the other so we went in not expecting much.

What a surprise. The selection was great, portions large and very good.  The presentation was what surprised me the most, very pretty plates and use of fruits and veggies as garnish.  I had a wrap and the tortilla they started with had to be 12-14 inches.  I ate half and brought the other half home and had it for dinner.  A little serendipity going on there!

We had one more stop to make and we all had a good laugh on two fronts.  There were a lot of cars and people everyday at a field when we drove by on the expressway.  We thought they were picking some fruit or vegetable. Eileen was determined to find out what because she wanted to pick some too.  As we took the frontage road instead of the x-way we decided to stop at the field and ask.  They weren't pickers!  They were all walking out to the Cadillac Ranch.  I have never seen so little looked at by so many.  There are 10 old Cadillacs buried in the ground and spray painted beyond recognition.  Whatever!!

After such a full day we headed home.   Three loads of laundry awaited me but that was softened by the fact that Ted and I used the pool while it washed and dried.  

Tomorrow evening is the Texas Musical in Palo Duro Canyon.  Not sure about daytime activities.

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