Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ready To Move On

Friday was our last day in Amarillo.  Eileen and I left early for a nail salon we had located.  We made stops at the post office and movie theater too.  Hillary's America was playing and we were all going to an afternoon show.  I wasn't sure about lines or ticket availability at showtime so we planned ahead.

After a late lunch we left for the movie and encountered no lines at all and obtained good seats.  By showtime the theater had a good crowd.  The movie is a very interesting history lesson and the conclusions reached at the end are a bit scary.  I would recommend it regardless of your political leanings.  It makes me understand a bit better how I got from a childhood and early marriage in Democratic union homes to where I am today.

Dinner was leftovers and then one-third of a game of Mexican Train.  It got dark before we could finish but I was ahead.  We will start on double 7 when we start up again.  In the morning we were leaving for an overnight in Capulin, NM.

We left on time after replacing the same 30 amp fuse again.  Ted seems to think it has something to do  with the vanity slide.  We are now armed with a box of fuses, doing troubleshooting, put in a call to DRV and waiting for SIL Bill to arrive!

It was a beautiful drive out of Oklahoma and into New Mexico.  Land of Enchantment is a great slogan for this state.  It is so beautiful.  

We pulled into Capulin, NM right around noon in the shadow of Volcano National Monument park.  There were storms around and we could see lightning which closes the park roads so we crossed that off our list. 

After set up with no slide issues, we went to buy those extra fuses and find a place to eat.  The recommendation we received was great and we all had "lupper" for lunch/supper.  Tom keeps asking what happened to lunch because he never seems to get it and if he does, there's no dinner.  

I happened to read that we were going to be close to the NRA Whittington Center so we decided to go there.  I have been to the National Gun Club in San Antonio where Ted shoots competitively if we are around in October but this one is huge and spread over 20,000 acres.  We took in the gun museum with some interesting stories attached to items and then rode through some of the property observing cabins, dining halls, campgrounds and all kinds of shooting stations including a long distance range of 1000 feet for rifles.  We saw lots of deer just standing around so I guess the people and gun shots don't scare them.  This area was part of the Santa Fe Trail long ago.  

Statue of George Montgomery, actor and sculpture.  He was married to Dinah Shore.

The Gatling Gun, the first type of machine gun used in the US.

A sculpture depicting a western scene reminiscent of the Remington sculptures but costs way less.

We went to church at St. Patrick/St. Joseph Church in Raton and then drove the 25 miles back to the campground.  We finished our interrupted game of Mexican Train and the score is Tom 3, Ted 2 and Donna 1.  In the morning we leave for Colorado Springs and a week with Kara, Bill, Sam and Morgan.  

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