Friday, July 29, 2016

End of the Kids' Week

After the Ghost Museum we went to Pizza Hut for dinner.  They have gluten free pizza and the Pizza Hut in Troy closed so the kids were excited to eat there.  While eating we decided to see if we could get tickets to see Donald Trump the next day here in Colorado Springs.  We were successful and we then took our phones to UPS to have the tickets printed out.

Thursday night we all went back over to Garden of the Gods park so the kids could climb some more.  We all enjoy the scenery so much.  There is something new to see each time we go there.  First thing was three young bucks with velvet on their antlers.  This is a bit blurry though.

Next, there were rock climbers everywhere and we saw a lady about six months pregnant climbing a very tall, sheer rock!

The four of us with our feet on the ground.

And our own resident climber, Morgan.

When we came home and settled in to watch the news, they reported a terrible hailstorm had hit Colorado Springs and did lots of damage and caused flooding.  We didn't get any of it so were very lucky.

Friday morning the four fellows went shooting.  Sam did great with the .22 rifle.

He did equally as well with my .22 Beretta but balked at the kick of Ted's 9 mm and chose not to shoot more than the two trial shots.  I think they all had a good time.  On the way back they went past the college where Trump was appearing.  

They had opened the doors at 11:00 and people were still wrapped around the building trying to get in at noon.  They stopped someone who said a second room was being opened but viewing would be on a monitor.  If you watched, you heard Trump say he was going to the other room to speak to the folks the Fire Marshall wouldn't let in.  So far all our time and trouble, we saw it on TV but he didn't say much!

Kara and Morgan went horseback riding so we rode over to see them off.  The one thing I will say for this park is that it has been really convenient to most everything.  

When they returned I went into Manitou Springs with Kara, Bill and Morgan.  Morgan was doing her souvenir shopping and bought a wooden flute and a piece of amethyst.  Sam had stayed with Ted and when we returned they were just coming back from Wendy's. Tom and Eileen had been bike riding so they joined Kara's family and went back to the park.  We stayed behind.

Tomorrow the kids go home and on Sunday Tom and Eileen are going to Denver to visit a friend.  It will be a nice break and time to get caught up on laundry and stuff.

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