Saturday, July 16, 2016

And We Go On

In the afternoon we drove to Bricktown to visit the Oklahoma Land Run Monument.  This is in a park that contains 40, to be 45, bronze sculptures depicting the land rush in the 1800s.  First we stopped at a "beach with no ocean" in the middle of town.  

We walked in front of the Brickyard Ballpark and took a few photos.  This is Mickey Mantle

This is Johnny Bench

The next photos are of the sculptures in a very pretty park along the waterway.  
The fallen horse and rider.

The blown away hat

The weather was much more pleasant so after dinner we played Mexican Train.  Score now is Tom 2, Donna 1.

On Friday we visited the Express Clydesdales, not to be confused with the Anheiser Busch horses.  These horses are black with white markings and only about 10% of the breed have this coloring.  They too are bred for and trained to the hitch. 

Most of the horses were in Calgary for the 2016 Stampede but Rocky and a mother and foal were still in residence.  


Mother and 3.5 month old foal who was fairly dappled in color.  If he stays like that, he will not make the hitch.

The horseshoe of a Clydesdale versus a regular horseshoe!

Horse constructed of horseshoes.

From there we returned to Bricktown to take the waterway canal tour.  It was a beautiful ride with lovely landscaping and converted warehouses turned into an entertainment district.  

Chickasaw Indian Monument to honor Oklahoma's Native American heritage.

Mural on the waterway with birds, bison, redbud tree, swallowtail bird and Indian women, all symbols of Oklahoma.

The Bricktown Stadium as seen from the waterway.

Downtown skyline in the distance behind the leading sculpture of a "boomer" waving his land claim flag.  Those that got an early start under the cover of darkness were called "Sooners."


Toby Keith's restaurant with a guitar shaped patio.

After all our adventures we ate at Earl's BBQ along the waterway.  One of their sides was four deviled egg halves.  What a delight!  I love deviled eggs and these were just right and a nice change from the usual.  

We made our way home and waited for a repairman to check out our A/C.  It appeared to be working but it didn't feel like it was as cool as it should be.  They checked our units and said they were like new.  When they checked fan speed, it was on low, not high.  It is the most complicated thermostat and we are just happy we can turn the two units on heat or cool!  They also took down four vent covers for us to wash the filters inside.  They really needed it so hopefully the problem is solved and we  will be cool enough.

We began our nightly game of Mexican Train and the score is now Tom 3, Donna 1.

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