Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hello March!

We called on Monday to make dental appointments and were given Tuesday at 10 a.m.  So in the morning I put ribs in the crockpot and off we went to Mexico for probably the last time this trip.  After both of us had our teeth cleaned, we stopped at the pharmacy for the last of the meds we may need over the next year and then proceeded to the nail salon.  I stopped at the Central Market store to use the ladies room (nicest one I know of) and ran into some Retama neighbors.  They said to meet them at Jessica's pharmacy/ceramics/bar/restaurant/dance hall at 1 pm.

We have never ventured off the main drag so didn't know about this place.  It is one block west of the pharmacy we use.  After Ted's pedicure and my manicure, we headed in that direction and met up on the street with Vicki and Merisa, both who live on Lark Drive by us.  A whole group gathered and we had some margaritas, danced and ordered lunch.  I ordered the longches that I have been wanting to try since Jan recommended them last year.  They aren't on the menu around us.  They are really good!  Ted had chicken fajitas and rice.  It was one of those serindipity happenings where you have a great time when nothing had been planned.  Funniest moment was Merisa, from Spain, trying to copy us doing the chicken dance.  She caught on pretty quickly!

We arrived home just as the crockpot was going off.  Next step was to pour off the liquid, add BBQ sauce and cook on High for one hour.  But we didn't want to eat so I put the ribs in the refrigerator and will finish them up when we want to have them.

Between the heat (92), early start, eating a big lunch, the walking (we park in the US and walk across the bridge over and back), not to mention the margaritas and dancing, I needed a nap.  I slept for about an hour.  We just whiled away the evening, never eating dinner.  Things will be less rushed with our Bentsen Palm folks gone.  At least I think so.

Wednesday was a quiet day for me.  Before Ted went to shoot skeet we finished the ribs and had them for lunch.  I went next door to the laundry and did a load of whites.  It was Ted's night to go to Tactical Shooting and I stayed behind to watch Survivor.  

Ladies breakfast on Thursday was at Lemons and Grass, a Mediterranean restaurant with a Mexican flare!  It had a "different" breakfast menu.  I chose Green Migas which is scrambled eggs with pieces of toasted tortillas, green salsa, covered in cheese then is browned.  Accompanying them were nopalantos which are pieces of cactus sans thorns cooked in red salsa, and puréed black beans.  It was all good but it is hard to eat puréed food with a fork!  I was proud of myself for being adventuresome.

Ted and I went to Walmart to get a few groceries. I had yoga in the afternoon and when I came out It was very hot (went to 102) so I headed for home where it was cool.  The pool looked very inviting but we wanted to get through dinner to be ready for the debate.

I hardly call that shouting match a debate.  I am disgusted by the antics of Trump.  His insults, name calling, talking in circles, trying to justify questionable actions as if we are too stupid to know why he has his clothes line made in China, what a snake oil sale Trump University is, etc. just turned my stomach.  I wanted to take that finger of his and poke it in his eye!  I really don't want to change one narcissistic egomaniac for another.

Friday morning was Muffins and Coffee at the clubhouse for the ladies.  I had promised Mimi that I would come early to help but she was pretty well set up when I arrived.  We had a nice crowd which included the quilting ladies who were meeting in the craft room.  When it was over, Ann and I stayed to help clean up.  Since my afternoon was free I chose to go to water aerobics.  It is the first time I have ever been in the Retama pool.  Pat told me to stay by her and she would help me understand the CD that is played.  I enjoyed it and plan to continue over the next 2.5 weeks we have left.

While I was gone, Ted and Niles put up new backboards for the gun targets.  It is a special material that is supposed to withstand 10,000 shots.  Time will tell.  

We had French Toast for dinner since it was Friday and settled in for the night.

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