Tuesday, March 22, 2016

One Last Day in Mission

Monday was busy!  We arranged to have my car detailed and had to have it there at 9 a.m.  Lenchen wanted hers done too so we were a parade of three heading out Los Ebanos Road to the detailer.  We left both cars and came home in the truck.  I took the time to get all my things in the coach house packed up so it all could be put in my car on its return.  In the meantime we were advised the coach house was going to be sprayed for bugs and termites and it was being shown by the realtor after that!

The termite guy told me he was going to soak the concrete where all my stuff, including medicine, was sitting.  I told him he would have to wait for me to remove everything because I wasn't having all my bags sitting on whatever poison he was putting down.  Then he asked if I wanted the RV sprayed!   I just answered "nope."

Ted called and said he had traded his truck for my car but would take Lenchen up for her car if she didn't want to wait until his truck was done.  She was good so eventually we got all three vehicles home.

While I was putting icing on all four pans of brownies the realtor showed the coach house.  It was mostly empty and isn't finished so it isn't much to look at.  The couple didn't look 55 though!

I cut up the brownies and filled four platters and took them up to the clubhouse and then got ready for our End of Season Shooter's Dinner.  We had brisket from Rudy's, smashed potatoes, creamed fresh corn, beans and cole slaw plus the brownies.  A fine meal!  Afterwards there was a 20 minute video of highlights.  Ted was in it a lot.  I was featured placing second on the dartboard shoot plus random sightings here and there.  It was a lot of fun to watch.

There were lots of door prizes.  Ted won a camo Shooter's Alley shirt for me.  I won some .22 ammo and we both got Da Range T shirts as part of the group.  Guys have info on the back, women have info with a bling gun on the front.  It was a great send off and allowed us to say goodbye to many.

We were up early, emptied the coach house, finished loading my car, closed up the RV, hooked up the trailer to the truck and we were off!  We drove to Victoria, set up, went for some lunch, then returned and did three loads of laundry so I didn't have to deal with that when we got home.  We spent a quiet last evening, for awhile, in the trailer.

We left there at 9 am and except for a pit stop at Buc-ees in Waller, we drove right through arriving at the campground close to home around 1:30.  We split the time equally, 4.5 hours each day.  It could easily be done in one day but you arrive too tired to do anything.

We immediately started loading things into the truck and car, cleaning as we went.  Deciding to avoid the high school traffic we had a bite to eat in the opposite direction before returning to finish up. It was a full day and we were plenty tired when we got home.  I started on the mail and stayed up until 3 am working on our taxes.

The next morning we went back to empty the tanks, wipe out the refrigerator, pick up the few things we had forgotten and hooked up one last time for awhile.  It is a short drive to storage but the traffic!  We had not dealt with that since before Christmas!  But we got her tucked away until summer because we have lots of irons in the fire over the next three months.

Ted and I had lunch at home and he left to meet up with John on a gun matter and then saw Cindy for a haircut.  She had asked for 800 milligram ibuprofen from Mexico so he took her the two bottle pack I got for her.  I stayed home knee deep in paperwork, clean clothes to be put away, food to be put away, phone calls to make and checks to write.  Ted brought a pizza home for dinner because he knew I would be unable to create dinner out of next to nothing and he was right.  Not to mention I was too tired to think about trying.

I got up the next morning and hit the shower after coffee only to realize I left my drying brush in the trailer!  So we went to Sally's to buy me another one so I can have one in each place.  I stopped at HEB to get what I needed for the sweet potatoes and fruit salad for Sunday dinner and Ted filled my car with gas and ran it through the car wash since we drove through a lot of dust coming up from south Texas.  When we returned home I went to my office and worked on the taxes, getting them filed, and the remaining mail.  The mail has been handled.  Some clothes and toiletries are still out in our bedroom and bath but "tomorrow is another day."  

We had a very Catholic Good Friday dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese.  After cleaning the kitchen, I hit the couch.  All that activity makes me tired!

Saturday I was determined to get everything back in order.  The outside needs so much attention after sitting for 3 months.  Ted swept out the courtyard and wiped off the patio table then took off on his "gun matter" that seemed to be superseding anything else.  So I colored my hair, put the remaining clothes and shoes away and finished up putting all the medicines we had bought plus our toiletries where they belong.

While waiting for Terry to come switch cars with me so he could pick up their kids from the airport, I tackled the front door.  Using my Sunwax I cleaned and waxed it and just threw the cloth away because it was black.  I shook the Welcome mat, shook and beat on the chair cushion, swept the porch and then decided to spray paint the wicker table that needed it.  We are starting to look presentable again.

When Ted returned, he cleaned the office rug because it appears some coffee had been spilt at one time and not cleaned up.  While he did that I cleaned out drawers in the guest bedroom filled with Ted's T-Shirts.  I kept a stack of shooting logo shirts, a stack of family reunion shirts and a stack of other logos he may consider important.  Last was a stack of plain colored ones that were in good condition.  The rest are ready for Paralyzed Vets.

We decided to use a Christmas gift card for Olive Garden for an early dinner.  We also had a free movie coming from Xfinity so we watched the Moby Dick movie In The Heart of the Sea on On Demand TV.  
I tackled the laundry that had been left here and what had accumulated recently and did three more loads.  I folded that during the movie and by the time it was over I was headed to bed.

We attended church at 9 a.m. and came home to have breakfast of blueberry pancakes made with blueberries we picked in Michigan last summer, bacon and juice fresh squeezed from oranges we had picked in Mission before we left.  I made a sweet potato soufflé and fruit salad and we went to Terry and Carol's for dinner.  Their daughter and her family were there along with our friend Irene.  Ted had a great time playing football with the three boys.  It was just getting dark when we came home.

To say I am dead tired is an understatement.  I will be in bed as soon as this gets posted!

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