Monday, March 7, 2016

Two Weeks To Go

Monday was Ladies Offsite Lunch that was held at the Second Street Bistro located in the Doubletree Hotel.  I rode with Mimi and Trudy and joined another 16 ladies for a nice lunch in a beautiful setting.  By the time I got home it was time to get redressed to attend the Yoga Going Away Party.  It was fun and I met Sue from across the street there since neither of us knew the other was going.  She was one of four winners in the "name that pose" contest.

When I returned, Ted got leftovers out for his dinner since I had been eating from noon on.  But it was a cup of vegetable soup and a salad for lunch and healthy snacks at the party.  Hopefully it wasn't too bad overall.

We watched the Town Hall meetings of Bernie and Hillary.  They sure are after the top 1% for more taxes but never mention the huge percentage of all taxes that group pays versus the 43% of folks that pay no Federal income tax.  Once they were done The Bachelor came on and Ted stuck his nose in my I Pad! Next week is the Finale and then we move on to Dancing With The Stars.  I think they announce the contestants on Tuesday this week.  Usually I only know one or two.

Trudy called and asked if I would help her take a lady shopping who has Parkinson's (I believe).  It took from 10 am to almost 6 pm to shop at two stores and have lunch (at almost dinner time).  My 6 oz. of yogurt eaten at 8 am was long gone by the time I was finally able to eat again.  Despite my thoughts that I was done shopping, I bought a skirt and top, a dress and blouse.  I am going to have to bag up a lot at home for the Paralyzed Veterans to make room!

Ted texted me at 5 pm to ask if we were lost.  I texted back "slow, very slow!"  However, it was an enjoyable day in that I like helping people, it was just a very long day.  Sherry bought lots of things and said it was her first shopping trip since arriving a couple months ago.  She can't drive and not everyone will take the time to allow her to spend as much time as she needs.  I hope she had a good time.

For the life of me I can't remember what I did Wednesday other than Ted went to Shooters Alley and I watched Survivor.  This episode upset me in that three contestants needed medical care from heat stroke and one of them had to be evacuated and removed from the game.  This is a show folks and shouldn't be pushed into a life or death situation!

I had a carload on Thursday for Ladies Breakfast.  My two normal riders, Lenchen and JoAnne, joined Mimi and a new lady Lori for a total of 5.  Lori is on a rental spot and just contracted the spot we are on for OND of this year.  I let Eileen know the owner said she would do a JF '17 rental with them under the circumstances.  Most want three months so this is a good opportunity for them but it is up to them to follow through.

When I returned home I prepared the laundry and went next door.  The change machine worked, I found two washers but when it came time for a dryer only one was available.  They have several Out of Order.  I had to dry one load, then the next.  That made me too late for my yoga class so I will have to make it up.  I am REALLY looking forward to using the washer and dryer in the coach house next season.

Friday I baked my peanut butter bars for Saturday and got a few things together for the Ropa (clothes in Spanish).  You take what you are giving away to the clubhouse and then can pick up anything you want.  No money involved.  All that is left over is donated somewhere.  There is also a place to take your food from your pantry and freezer if you are closing up your RV, coach house or home and heading out for an extended period.  We have a glass full of tabs to put in the box for Ronald McDonald house.  Something is always going on down here to help someone else.  Nice folks!

At 3:30 my Tapa Hoppa Dessert Team met at the clubhouse to get the plates ready for dessert.  We had 7 varieties and over 400 pieces - and it was all eaten by the end of the evening!  We put plates and napkins on one table and covered and refrigerated the plates before putting them out when we returned at 6:00.  We refilled as needed.

We started "hopping" right away so we could be back before 6:00 to be ready.  Our first stop was at the potato bar.  Toppings were butter, sour cream, salsa, chili and cheese.  I took the smallest one they had.

We walked way to the back for stop #2 where we ran into our neighbors.  There we had two mini chicken tacos.  The best thing was Niles put all six of us on his borrowed golf cart for the ride to stop #3.

Here we had shrimp and crusty Mac and cheese.  I gave Ted my shrimp and ate his Mac and cheese.  I was getting pretty full.

Last stop was pulled pork sliders with Cole slaw and fruit kabobs.   I ate the fruit and gave Ted my sandwich.  We walked to the clubhouse from there.  Despite our early start and not lingering, there was a couple on the patio waiting for dessert.  We were kept busy refilling the plates, washing dishes as we were finished with things and directing folks to where they needed to go next.  A roving dice game was played at each stop but we weren't involved and the game hosts were still "hopping."

I can't thank my helpers enough for their baking and help at the clubhouse.  We did such a good job that Bonnie asked us to bake brownies and serve them at the Shooter's Going Away Dinner next Monday!  Marion said she will help too so it is back to HEB!

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