Sunday, March 20, 2016

I Beat Ted at Shooting Again!

Saturday was our final gun competition of the year.  We were shooting a hostage poster.  It didn't appear that there would be too many shooters so it was decided all guns would shoot in the same class.  When it got to 21 shooters they should have changed that but they didn't.  Shooting an iron rim with only the sights on your gun versus someone equipped with a red dot or laser isn't real fair.  Then to add insult to injury, there were two different posters.  One had a whole body shooting spot while the other had thin arms and top of the head only and values were different.  I don't make the rules!  However, I shot my rim fire .22 at the thin arm poster and got 24.  The lady I know who shoots a red dot had the whole body poster and only got 24, so there!  Ted got 16 shooting a rim fire at the same poster as me.  So I beat him!  

We went to church for our final time with Fr. Roy this year.  As we walked from parking the car, Happy Trails To You was playing from the bell tower and inside church.  It was Fr. Roy's farewell to all the Winter Texans leaving for home.  It made me even sadder to be leaving.  The church entrances were festooned with palms to celebrate Palm Sunday.  

Since we had no other plans, we located Ranch House for dinner.  We were told it wasn't necessary to go to Gonzales Burgers anymore with this restaurant so close.  Wrong!  While it is a big burger with all the trimmings and a nice toasted bun, the meat can't hold a candle to the fresh beef of a Gonzales Burger, IMHO.  We came home to some really awful TV shows because basketball was on the good channels.

Sunday morning we went to the gun range because I wanted to shoot at the other arm area and top of the head area on my poster.  I didn't do as well as I did Saturday!  But I shot Ted's new AR rifle and hit the metal disks at 100 yards!  Scopes are great!

Next up was making four boxes of brownies in the clubhouse kitchen for Monday's Farewell Shooter's Dinner.  When that was finished we decided to attend the Palm Sunday church picnic being held at the Lomalita Mission park for all Our Lady of Guadalupe parishioners and attendees.  This is one of the original missions built a day's travel apart in Texas by the Oblate Fathers.

Fr. Roy having lunch and a Lone Star beer!

Ted waiting in line for Confession. Ted talking to Fr. Roy in Confession.  

One of the dogs in their Palm Sunday "vestments."

The smokers for the burgers, hot dogs, ribs and chicken that was served.  And a very special bumper sticker.

I was so impressed with the folks in attendance.  There was an estimate of 1500 attending for free dinners, pop and beer with no problems whatsoever.  I expected total chaos and was I wrong!  People waited in line for their food, got themselves a drink from the coolers and threw every piece of paper and cans away.  Everyone talked to those close by and we "all got along."  I think it is the respect everyone receives from Fr. Roy, no matter who they are or their circumstance.  It was a great afternoon!

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