Saturday, March 5, 2016

Getting Ready for Tapa Hoppa!

It was one week until the Progressive Appetizer Afternoon Event (Tapa Hoppa) next Saturday.   I needed to finalize my help and line up of desserts.  I have Ginger making chocolate chip cookies, Marian making brownies, Linda making lemon squares, I am making chocolate peanut butter bars and I purchased frozen mini eclairs, mini cheesecake bites and chocolate covered brownie bites at Sam's.  I have paper doilies to cover plates and cocktail napkins and clear plastic plates.  Everyone is to end "hopping" between 6:00 and 8:00 pm and gather at the clubhouse for dessert.  There are 130 people coming so it should be a great "end of season" party.  I am close to being ready.

The morning started out with the Village wide garage sale.  It was misting just as it started and I think that kept the numbers down.  But I walked around a bit buying a laundry basket filled with a dozen plastic hangers and 7 plastic collapsable bowls with lids that are made for RV storage.  Trudy has some and I intended to check them out at Camping World.  All of that cost $5!  And I bought a pair of Izod Capris that the owner had bought but outgrew before wearing, also for $5.  I felt I did okay.  We then sat at Niles' spot and visited until noon before coming home for lunch and leaving for Sam's.

We went to church, then out to eat and ended up next door for Card Bingo.  I stood up several times with one card and won one game.  Ted stood a few times but did not win.  It was our best night of the season but was only half the crowd since there was a mass exodus on 3/1.  I didn't win much!

I spent most of Sunday morning watching the tributes to Nancy Reagan.  She was an elegant lady and a marvelous wife who loved her husband dearly.  I hope they are together again.  May she rest in peace.

I cleaned while Ted went skeet shooting and when he returned we went to the gun range and shot a few magazines worth of bullets.  

After dinner we drove to Dairy Queen and enjoyed a blizzard then kept a date with Sunday night TV.  

I have a Public Service Announcement.  Ted wanted me to share these photos.  The first ones are Border Patrol agents on horseback.  They were traveling on the levee we use to get to the gun range which is close to the Rio Grande banks.  He didn't know if they were training horses or agents or just exercising the horses!  We have seen them rounding up illegals as they come across the river and attempt to get across the levy.

Next are two photos of Sunday night's sunset.  They certainly are spectacular down here.

I will start a new blog tomorrow!

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