Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Feeling Sad

I can't believe how quickly three months have passed.  We stay so busy down here the days just fly by. It will be with heavy hearts that we leave our friends but will turn our sights to the next adventures we have planned and continue on.

Ted went shooting with only Dave on Sunday.  Don and Trudy left on Friday.  Karen called while Dave was here and we made arrangements to go to their park for the fish fry on Friday and then play shuffleboard.  They were our best friends at Bentsen Palms but have moved to Victoria Palms and we do miss them.  This will only be the third time I have seen them this season and they are leaving next week the day before us.

Monday was our last trip to Mexico.  When we were there and met our neighbors, I learned there is a stronger version of the analgesic cream we have been using for aches and pains.  I bought one tube and felt it worked better so we wanted to get a couple more.  It was early so we stopped for a coffee and pastry at Renee's, then proceeded to Diva's where Ted had a pedicure and I had a manicure.  Last stop was Jessica's where we bought my two tubes of cream and four Z Paks for Kathy and Bob across the street.  We were informed that if we went inside to the restaurant and showed our receipt we would be served free margaritas.  What a deal!  And there was entertainment.  A couple dressed in three different beautiful, colorful outfits danced three different dances.  The first was the wedding dance where they tie a red sash on the floor into a bow using their feet, then a folk dance and last the Mexican hat dance.  

We drank our free margaritas during the entertainment and then headed back across the bridge.

Tuesday Ted was busy reloading bullets and I took my make-up yoga class.  It was much harder than my Beginner's class!  Thursday will be my last class before leaving.  Ted was taking Sue down to the range for more shotgun lessons and encouraged me to come along.  I had not shot my Remington since leaving Florida in 2001.  To my surprise I did great.  Bam!  Another clay bird bit the dust time after time. I surprised myself.  At one point I turned around and Bonnie and Jack were behind us videotaping us for the Range Blog.  Both said something along the lines of Wow!  Great shooting.  I think I made Ted proud.

When we arrived here we were having trouble with our refrigerator.  Every 3-4 days when it went into defrost mode it would pour water out the front, maybe 4-5 ozs.  I knew right where to keep a glass to catch it.  We called for service and it was $478 for him to take it apart to "look" at it.  Our extended warranty would only cover it if a part had failed.  I felt it was a kink in the drain hose, or a clog or perhaps it had slipped off or something and the Warranty Company said that was not a part failure!  So we paid the $95 service fee and sent the guy on his way.  I asked Ginger who worked on hers and she said Ed so I called Ruth.  Before she and I hung up he was at our door.  He took the bottom freezer apart, flushed the line with hot water and put it back together for FREE!!  It has worked fine since.

When we store the RV, I can keep the right door of the refrigerator open but not the freezer.  So when we get home I am going to empty the refrigerator first so it can sit empty and open overnight at the campground.  Hopefully that plus newspaper inside to absorb any residual moisture will keep algae, mold or whatever from clogging the tube again.
So we took Ruth and Ed to dinner Tuesday night as a thank you and had a great time.  We ate dinner and sat for a long time talking.  Then we stopped at Dairy Queen because it was free cone day!   Ruth and I had the free cones but Ed and Ted had blizzards.  What a fun night.

I hung around all day Wednesday while they installed the new doors on the coach house.  Ted was in and out messing with reloading bullets at Bobbie's.  He eventually went to Shooter's Alley and I watched Survivor.

Once again I had a carload for Thursday morning breakfast, six of us in all.  I changed my clothes as soon as we returned because it was so humid.  Coco stopped by to reimburse me for the money I spent on the Tapa Hoppa desserts.  My last yoga class was in the afternoon and afterwards I finished up the pot roast for dinner making gravy and noodles to go with it.  There just isn't a whole lot going on as the exodus continues.

Rick and his crew arrived around noon on Friday to wash and wax the trailer.  It was overcast so that was good.  It doesn't work well to have the sun beating down while they work.  We sat at Niles' spot while Bonnie looked at a new competition gun and then everyone scattered for lunch.  At 4:00 we left to meet Dave and Karen at the restaurant in their park for the fish fry.  Afterwards we played three games of shuffleboard.  I couldn't score for anything!  However, I did knock the fellow's out many times but we lost two out of three!  We hit the DQ for an ice cream before heading home.  Storm clouds were gathering and rain was coming.

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