Wednesday, April 29, 2015

On To The Next Thing

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were catch up days.  The house needed some putting back together.  Beds needed to be remade, dishes and things returned to their storage space, smoker put away in the garage, table leaves and pads removed, etc.  During the night there was a fierce storm and several trees were down in our neighborhood.  Gerre called to say they would get Tucker later because they were working on the massive clean up in their huge yard.  So we told them we would just bring him home.  Once we returned, I was done for the day!

Tuesday was a bit easier but the laundry needed to be done in addition to writing our thank you notes. So I wrote some, worked around the house, wrote some more, until it was all done.  We had leftovers for dinner Monday night and easy to fix Cincinnati Skyline chili Tuesday night.  I was thinking about my 6 am to 10 pm days when I had a full time job, 3 kids at home, a 10 room house and constant cooking, cleaning and laundry.  It was easier to keep weight off back then!

My hairdresser texted me first thing Wednesday morning to ask me to come on Thursday instead  because she wasn't feeling well.  The poor thing has to take medicine for thyroid cancer and her hours get sporadic because of it.  But Isabelle called to see if she could clean that day so it worked out.  I finished the ironing right before she arrived.  

I had to leave at 9 am to get my hair done and be back in time for the brunch for Newcomer Activity Chairs.  I had just enough time to stop at home, regroup and take off again.  It was a nice crowd and more of a lunch than brunch but that was okay!  I thought I would be home by 1:00  but it was 2:00 before I rolled in.

Since I was leaving for Cincinnati in the morning I had to start packing.  My flight was at 5:25 AM!  I went to bed early and woke up before the alarm went off at 3 a.m.  Poor Ted had to take me to the airport in the middle of the night almost.  Even at 4:30 am the terminal was crowded.  I flew first to Charlotte, then into Cincinnati.  My friend Donna picked me up and we headed to Nashville, IN.  We were the last to arrive at the log home we had rented for the weekend.  It was a fantastic find.  There were 5 bedrooms with their own baths.  Nine of us from the class of '63 were celebrating our 70th birthday year.

It was a great weekend of visiting, eating, drinking, shopping, reminiscing and reconnecting.  We had dinner at the Artist Colony on Friday then returned home to enjoy our joint birthday cake!  Since Gerrie won't turn 70 until next January we teased that she couldn't have a piece.

A parade was scheduled for Saturday and we all found a bench to sit on and watch.  Every fire department within a 50 mile radius was represented.  There were many military personnel and vets marching to lots of applause.  Girl scouts, Farmer's Market, high school thespians, etc. all marched proudly.  It felt great to be in Middle America displaying what I consider American values.  

That evening we ate in town and attended the Brown County Playhouse before returning home and playing some cards and more conversations.

The next morning after breakfast, the exodus began.  Donna and I stayed until last to be sure everything that needed to be done to set the house right was completed.  We drove back to Cincinnati to Karen and Ron's and Donna dropped me off.  Four hours later she returned and we went to church in the evening.

Monday I slept late but was ready for Karen's (from Procter & Gamble days) arrival around 11 am.  We started work the same day in 1963 and immediately became best friends.  The years and most of life's milestones have been shared.  We can always pick up like we were together just yesterday.  Both Karens and I went out to lunch and four hours just whizzed by.  I  always hate to say goodbye to her.

Tuesday was my last full day in Cincinnati so Karen and I did a bit of shopping.  Her knees are bad so she can't walk around too much.  I bought a blouse and new laundry bags for the trailer.  Karen bought slippers. In the evening Donna picked me up again for dinner with Cookie who was unable to attend the weekend.  Third Donna had gall bladder surgery and could not attend either.  We went to the Bier Haus where I had pretzel bread, hot slaw, potato pancake and Bavarian chicken.  I brought a good size piece of chicken home.  Karen can have it for lunch!  I will be winging my way home by then.

I am amazed how friends I made in kindergarten, continued through school to the 12th grade, can pick up over 50 years later and continue on as if it all happened yesterday.

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