Saturday, April 11, 2015

Glad We Stayed Home

Seldom do we pass up an opportunity to get away but our April travel schedule was ambitious even for us.  I think we were both relieved when we agreed to stay home.

I attended the Board of Directors meeting in the morning on Friday then came home to finish up the laundry.  Ted was at the gun club all day getting the scope mounted on the rifle he won down in the valley. It had arrived the day before and apparently took longer to mount and get set right than either he or Mike anticipated.  Ted was in bed when I left in the morning and I didn't see him again until I came in late that night.

Our friends Sherida and John have moved to Georgetown TX and there was a dinner for the girls to say goodbye to her.  About 24 were in attendance and we had a great time.  It was one of the most fun events I have attended in a long time.  The guest list was done by Sherida herself and I found it interesting who she invited.  We never know for sure what we do that stays with people through the years to make them consider you a friend.  We all have so many acquaintances but true friends are a blessing.

I presented my "toast or roast" and it was well received.  Two others did too.  Her granddaughter gave a tear jerker account of what her Grandma means to her and the hole it will leave in her day to day life not to have her close by.  It warmed my heart to see how this young lady has matured over the past six years.

Another friend who is battling brain cancer was brought to the party by her husband but was sick immediately and he had to return to take her home.  What a terrible situation they are in and it breaks my heart.  I also learned my role model for old age passed away on Easter.  Sue Ann's mother, age 93, was the most gracious, unassuming person I ever met.  When she met someone she told them if they couldn't remember her name to just call her Gorgeous.  Once when I asked how she was feeling she told me her eyelashes didn't hurt.  That has always stuck with me that she could find a positive comment no matter what.  Rest in peace, Mollly.  You will be missed by many.

Bad weather was forecast for Saturday but it was evening before light rain started.  After church we went to try Gino's East Chicago pizza.  It is always a wait plus the pizza takes 45 minutes to bake!  But we were alone and had the time.  We were seated immediately at a high top table but it was 8 o'clock before we were served.  The place was crawling with kids scrambling all over to write on the walls and it was noisy.  Ted said he will go back ... but in the middle of the afternoon, after lunch and before dinner.  They had gluten free pizzas so we brought an unbaked one home and put it in the freezer for Morgan while she is here.

Gerre, Anna Marie and I were going to the Art Festival Sunday but then I agreed to host Canasta Monday for Carol who has a CT scan scheduled.  And I had to make lemon squares for a funeral also on Monday.  So I was up, grocery shopped and came home before Ted ever woke up.  I had the lemon squares made, a pot roast started and the dishes out that I needed for the Canasta snacks early on.  I was able to rest up and watch The Masters late in the day.  

Ted took my lemon squares to church as he left for Beaumont.  I was busy getting ready for Canasta.  We only had two tables and I ended in the middle having two mediocre games and two really good ones.  I had lots of snacks left over so I cleaned up after they left and then had the evening to myself except for putting out the garbage.

Today I worked at the thrift shop for the first time since last year.  I have all my hours in but at our board meeting they annonced they needed help so I signed up for a few shifts.  

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in. ~ Unknown

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