Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting to be Crunch Time

We met up with Gerre, Barry, Irene and John at the gun range.  Ted was going to help everyone get more comfortable with their guns including me.  The gun he wants me to use has a top slide and I can't pull it back.  So I insisted on using the .357 that I can handle.  Ted showed Barry and John a gadget they should get to help with loading and worked with Gerre and Irene on targets.  Using the gun I like, I had 30 pretty good rounds.  I still tend to rest my finger on the trigger which is a big no-no and my four errant shots show this.  But I had four wounds and 26 fatal shots.

Here is the gun range at Retama.  Lots of work was done on it this year. Ted also shoots skeet at Mission Skeet Club.  And that's why he loves his time in the Rio Grande Valley.

Thursday was Isabelle's day to clean so I hung around waiting for her.  It was 4 o'clock before she arrived.  Her helper notified her at 10 on Wednesday night that she couldn't help clean so the poor woman was doing it all alone.  It was 7:30 before she left.  I do hope she finds help.  If not she may need to cut back on her customers and I don't want it to be me!

When she left we went to Dickie's BBQ to grab a quick sandwich because it was so late.  We are trying to decide what to serve to everyone on Friday night of our celebration weekend.  It would be very hard for Ted to smoke the brisket, pork and ribs while making runs to the airport and getting the Florida folks a rental car and settled at their hotel.  We may just call on Dickie!  But that leaves me with a pork shoulder, 11# brisket and racks of ribs in the freezer!

I had an early morning hair appointment and afterwards stopped to get a few things at the mall.  I had messaged Gerre the night before about going back to the K of C fish fry.  She called and said to bring my dimes because Tony and Linda wanted to play cards this time.  We walked in right behind them and another neighbor couple soon joined us while we ate.  At 6:30 they raffled the rifle and handgun. The man to Ted's immediate right won first and chose the handgun, the lady neighbor of Gerre's sitting across from me won the shotgun!  Close but no cigar.

When we arrived back at their house there was a message that Tony and Linda were staying home because their dog had 5 teeth pulled and wasn't doing well.  So we four played Canasta and the fellows beat us badly.  We just didn't get the wild cards we needed.  That happens now and then!

Saturday was a quiet day.  Ted shot sporting clays, I went over our reservations with Eileen, paid our 4/15 estimated taxes, sent a few cards and just took it easy.  I put some new things out on the porch and cleaned and polished the front door.  Ted laid sod where the old grill had been sitting on pavers.  I will get my hanging baskets soon.  Next week is pretty low key.

I have to share my niece Cindy and Tim's Easter picture with their six grandkids.  I am so looking forward to spending the 4th of July at Elk Lake with them.  I am sure it will be pure chaos.

He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying. 

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