Friday, April 17, 2015

Lots To Do This Week

There was an election for my social group at a luncheon on Thursday.  Since I wasn't supposed to be home this week I hadn't sent my reservation in.  But I was able to go over for the meeting part and cast my ballot.  Teri also came just to vote so while we waited she suggested we have a glass of wine. I normally don't do that in the middle of the day but said sure, why not?  There were many friends to visit with and Teri even snagged an ice cream sundae from someone's lunch!  

After we voted I left to go to Party City to buy nice 50th anniversary plates, napkins and forks to be used for the cake we are having made for our party.  My good friend Jody has the cake thing under control!  What a blessing that is to not worry about it on such a busy day.  I hope she knows how grateful I am.  She has excellent taste and will make the cake table nice and be sure the tables are placed suitably.

I then hurried to the Memorial Service for Sue Anne's mother, Molly, who I mentioned died last week.  If only people would say one-quarter of the wonderful things about me when I die, I would consider my life a success.  I met Molly in 2003 at the age of 81.  The happiness and friendship she brought to the residents of the facility where she lived was astounding.  When asked to speak I said I always told Molly she was my role model for old age and related my eyelash story.  It was a very moving service.

Since we weren't supposed to be home, this weekend's entire calendar was clear.  I cleaned out the freezer, refrigerator and pantry.  The Paralyzed Veterans of Texas people called and are coming Tuesday so my two huge bags of clothes plus two boxes of household items are sitting out waiting for the big day!  I was hoping they would call before our company arrives and they did.

After church on Saturday we went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and ran into friends who were there too.  We arrived home in time to watch "Outlander."  I have read the entire series (8 books) twice and am loving the shows.  With that and Amazing Race on Friday night I didn't care we were home both  evenings.  The weather was stormy and it was good to stay in.

I did a bit of shopping on Sunday, buying Nancy a birthday gift, getting myself a couple tops and getting in the first batch of groceries for the weekend.  

My bunco group met on Monday and we had a nice time at Nancy's.  Afterwards I stopped at Target because I was looking for place mats for the patio table.  And I was able to buy a new fitted sheet for our bed since the old one developed a tear.  It is hard to find single sheets, there are mostly sets out there.  I was glad to find it!  
Gerre brought Tucker over after dinner to stay for the week.  They are going to Big Bend National Park in west Texas with their neighbors.  We were invited but couldn't go of course.  Anyway, we would want to stay longer than the 5 days they will be out there.

I was asked to sub at Canasta that turned into Shanghai when the number of attendees got skewed.  I came in third but only got stuck once.  No one had a clean round of six.   We had lunch on the patio outside the bar at the country club and it was very good!   You win some, you lose some when you eat there.  I always like it when the food and service are good.  On the way home I remembered Ted had a business lunch downtown and Tucker probably needed to go out.  He was fine went I got home but I gave him a treat after his trip outside.  He is such a good dog.  I changed my clothes and went to the nail salon.

I had to clean the house Wednesday because it is Isabelle's week off.  It didn't take too long because so much of our house doesn't get used on a regular basis.  The two guest bedrooms, second bath, dining room and sitting room were just a quick dusting and vacuuming.  The rest took awhile longer.  But I was pretty whipped by day's end.  Ted had a business lunch down near the airport and I always work better when he is gone.

We did the last grocery run on Thursday so I can start my cooking Friday morning.  We have to pick up 8 folks at the airport around 2:30 pm Friday.  I want to have dinner preparations all ready to go when we get home.  Four are staying here and 16 are coming for dinner.  Ted is smoking his brisket and cooking a pork shoulder first thing in the morning.

Wish us luck with the celebration.

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