Friday, May 8, 2015

When You Don't Need It

We saw on TV that the bridge to the Cincinnati airport would be down to one lane in both directions, complete with film of backed up traffic.  We decided we better give ourselves extra time.  And when Donna was unable to print my boarding passes, we decided to leave even earlier so I could print them at the airport.

So of course we drove right over the bridge with no back-up, I walked right up to a kiosk and printed my two boarding passes, both marked TSA Pre-Check.  This means I could get in the special line, not remove my shoes, jacket or liquids. No one was in this line and I walked right through to the screening machine and out the other side!  I doubt Karen and Ron were off airport property when I arrived at my gate.

I have a Kindle but also have the Kindle app on my IPad so I was able to buy the next book in a series I am reading and have it downloaded on the IPad to pass the time.  My flight to Chicago took less than an hour and I had quite a walk to my next gate.  This flight left on time too.  Ted was outside waiting for me and we decided to go to BJ's for dinner since I hadn't eaten since breakfast.  Easiest of travel days!

Thursday I emptied my suitcase and got all my travel gear back where it belongs.  I had some things to handle at my desk and the day passed quickly and I went to bed early because Friday was going to be very busy.

Our Board Installation Luncheon for Forum began at 9:30 Friday morning.  What a terrific program.  The directors out did themselves once again.  This gathering is always the most fun and entertaining of the year.  It was about 1:30 when I arrived home and started cooking for Saturday when we were hosting Shanghai for 5 couples.

I made cocktail meatballs from scratch.  The crab dip I made two weeks ago was well received so I made that again.  And I made lemon squares, and not from a mix!  To that I added sliced cheese, summer sausage and crackers.  We had plenty of beer, wine, pop, water and coffee too.  

Once that was finished I got redressed to meet Gerre and Barry for dinner and to see Oklahoma!  It was a very good production but Gerre and I determined they missed the scene where the villain gets shot.  They had done the big Oklahoma OK finale and I was wondering about the loose end of the bad guy.  Then they sort of back tracked, did the scene and did Okkahoma OK a second time.  All's well that ends well.

Saturday was busy but not rushed.  I got the tables set up for cards.  And then I went to vote on a road bond issue.  Ted had voted early while I was gone.  We grabbed a sandwich at Subway so we didn't disturb anything in the kitchen at home.  Our company arrived starting at 6:15 so we didn't go to church at 5:00.

Ted and I ended up at the same table and he came in first.  I tied for second with Mary Ann.  I also had a Shanghai which earns me $1 from each player!  Jeff had one at the other table.  It was around 11:00 when everyone left.

After church Sunday I fixed breakfast, Ted went shooting, I started the laundry and put the kitchen back in order.  When that was done I put ribs in the oven for dinner.  Ted asked if I wanted to go out to eat but I have been eating out for over a week!  I wanted to eat at home.

For Mother's Day Kelly sent me roses and calla lilies, Kara sent four sets of towels for the guest bath and Kristin was able to find the retired Lladro of the photographer to add Larry to my family collection.  I didn't take a photo of the beige towels.  After 23 bathrooms in our 50 years at 11 homes I had a mismatch of all kinds of towels.  I needed some nice, fluffy sets to give to our guests.  I took a big bagful of bath towels, hand towels and washcloths to Merry for the Animal shelter she works at.  They won't care there are so many different colors! 

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