Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Upcoming Celebration

Ted and I were married April 24, 1965.  That means this year we are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary!  We have booked a cruise for our family (kids, in-laws, grandkids and us) on the Disney Fantasy for August.  But I didn't want the day to just pass by without recognition so we are renewing our vows after 5 pm Mass on 4/25 with family and friends in attendance.

Following the ceremony, 40 family members and friends will join us for dinner at a local restaurant.

We are so excited to have a dozen folks traveling long distances to join us.  And we are so grateful for the neighbors and friends who have made our life in Texas so wonderful.  This is a tremendous milestone that many are not fortunate enough to achieve due to various reasons.  We are both proud and blessed to have made it this far.  Every additional year is truly a gift.

My present from Ted was a .22 Beretta pistol to use at the gun range, especially during the time we spend in Mission, TX.  The gun range there is on the property owned by the developer and there are lots of men and women who participate in all kinds of competitions.  I am all for anything we can still do together without threat of injuring ourselves.  After falling off my bike twice last year, Ted proclaimed no more bike riding for me.   I haven't bowled since my hip replacement in 2007 but I bowled in a league every year, sometimes a women's league, sometimes as a couple, since the mid 1960's.  We need to look into that again but we can't join a league until we hang around more.

My new gun.

Second trip to the gun range using my new Beretta.  I shot 40 rounds - 10 at 5 yards, 10 at 7 yards and 20 at 10 yards.  Not too bad!  My Dad told Ted to be careful because I can shoot!  I hope I can translate this into some good scores in next year's competitions.

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