Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's Like Christmas Around Here

Wednesday was laundry day.  Happy Hour was happening at 5:00 but I just didn't feel like getting dressed and putting on my face that late in the day.  If I had been out and about already it would have been different.  Besides, Survivor was on.

We have been having a run of good luck.  Last week we came in first and second at Shanghai and won all the money.  Then I went to bunco on Monday and won again.  Thursday I won at Shanghai again.  Wednesday the doorbell rang and it was our neighbor with a box of See's candy as a thank you to us for taking their dog back to them when she got out before they even knew she was missing.  She came right to Ted in the garage so we walked her home.  They were shocked because they are so careful with her.  Then I put on one of my many pairs of black slacks and found $22 in the pocket!

In the evening Ted received a phone call from Niles down in Retama.  They had the end of the year banquet and Ted won the rifle they were giving away.  He took a scope he has up to the gun club to ask if it would fit on the new rifle.  Mike said no and then proceeded to pull out a brand new one that would and gave it to him.  Ted said Mike wouldn't allow him to pay for it since he helps him out so much with events.  Karma!  Sometimes it isn't a b*tch!

I didn't do much Friday except go to the grocery.  The weather was perfect and I enjoyed being out in the sunshine.  I received an email saying that last K-1 was available online so I finished up our taxes and filed them electronically.  We need a flat tax that can be done on a postcard.  "How much income?  Send it all in!"  

We were going to Gerre's for dinner and to play cards on Saturday night.  I made green beans, baked apples and key lime tarts for the four of us.  Gerre was making pork tenderloin, rebaked potatoes and salad.  Imagine our surprise when Tony and Linda were there when we arrived.  Gerre said she sent an email but I never did get it.  I had made enough but only brought four of the tarts.  Gerre and I said we would cut them in two, no problem

It was a gorgeous night out, dinner was wonderful and we never did get around to cards or dessert.  We sat out by the lake until very late.  I gave two tarts to each couple as we departed since we never ate dessert.  There were two more at home so it all worked out.
Sunday was Palm Sunday so we start outside church with our palms and also stand for the reading of the entire Passion.  It makes for a very long service.  I fixed breakfast when we got home and then Ted left for the gun club.  That evening we attended the 35th anniversary of the Newcomers club's founding.  It was a very nice evening with most people dressed especially nice except my husband who didn't believe me when I said guys would be wearing a suit or at least a jacket.  Of course he was the hero to the guys in suits for getting away with a golf shirt.  Some things just aren't worth arguing about.
I don't understand how the country club can advertise itself as a banquet venue because they have a  terrible time having enough food prepared and enough servers.  Of the 7 appetizers, only 4 were available to me despite standing in line and waiting for a very long time.  I did get my pasta dish but never did get any meat at the carving station.  Eventually they refill the dishes with whatever they come up with in the kitchen.  The carved beef turned into small filets almost a half hour after they first ran out of the beef roast.  But I really don't care to keep returning to the stations hoping food has arrived.  Dessert was cookies like you buy at Sam's.  There was one bartender for 120 people.  It is disappointing to me and makes me leary of planning an event there.

But we had a good group, there was a crowded dance floor and everyone just accepted the poor kitchen performance and continued on.  We were tired when we got home because of getting up so early.

Monday was telephone day!  Kristin calls frequently on her way to work so that was my first call.  Then my sister Karen called followed by my neighbor Gail.  Brenda called from Memphis and finally I had to call Eileen about our reservations for the summer.  Before I knew it, the day was gone!  We ate dinner and then I called Kelly because she had called and left a message.  Geesh!  I don't talk on the phone much anymore and then they all came on the same day.

We were delighted to learn Ted's brother is coming from Arizona for our anniversary celebration and my one sister is coming from Florida.  We weren't expecting that and are so pleased.  Ted is going to have to smoke more brisket and ribs than originally planned!

Tomorrow is a trip to the gun range for several of us to practice before applying for our CCL.  We may all go to lunch.  Eventually I need to stop at the seamstress with my four new pairs of slacks to have them hemmed and we also need to pick up three pieces of sod.  

We are going to the country club Sunday afternoon with Terry and Carol to celebrate Easter.  I hope they don't run out of food since we are the last group.

Happy Easter and the grace of the Risen Lord be with you all.

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