Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ok, It's Official

Our weather is goofy!  I am used to going from a/c to heat all in the same day but 88 to 40 in a few hours is crazy.  It didn't get above 45 for the garage sale and folks had on gloves, hats and coats!   There were hardy souls out and about though and lots of things were leaving the park.  I bought two new blouses, a Vera Bradley bag and a new Texas coffee cup for traveling.  I was glad to get back inside with my treasures.

Eileen's eyebrows had gotten very dry so she put on a cream the doctor had given her for dry skin.  Her entire eye area from brow to lashes got fire engine red, sore and lumpy.  She and I went to the ER and I read the flyer that came with her cream while we waited.  It contained a sulfite and she is allergic to sulfa drugs!  I had it all diagnosed before the doctor came into the room.  He gave her a prednisone prescription and 1% hydrocortisone cream.

By the time we left for church after only two pills and one application, there was a vast improvement. After church we went to the Riverside Club and then decided against card bingo and came home.  It was a bit warmer but misty and a good night to stay in and go to bed early.

We left about 8:30 Sunday morning and ran into drink tables for runners at the gates.  No one said anything about a run today!  We got out, made our first turn to the exway and ran into a roadblock.  We were rerouted so it wasn't too bad.  The officer said it was a "last minute" decision.  I told him there were 60 rigs going out in the next two hours and someone was guilty of poor planning.

We had an uneventful trip to San Antonio in a lot of fog.  As soon as we got set up it started drizzling.  I put on a sweatshirt and jacket, got my umbrella and we went to the Riverwalk and the Alamo.  We ate at County Line BBQ, saw the Alamo and long barracks and had enough of being cold and wet so we came home around 5:00.

The weatherman said icy conditions were heading this way on Wednesday and into Thursday.  With that in mind we decided to leave here on Tuesday to get ahead of the weather.  Monday was sweatshirt AND jacket weather but no rain.  We drove to the LBJ ranch and park in Johnson City.  Eileen and Tom really enjoyed it and it was our first chance to tour the house.  Last time we were there Lady Bird had just died and the girls were clearing personal items from the house.  It was left to the Park Service and would be open for tours when they completed the task.

Lady Bird and President Johnson's headstones.

The Johnson Family Cemetery

All the cattle bear the LBJ brand.  Note the weights on the horns.  Turning them down keeps them from injuring the legs of cowboys and other stock with upturned horns.

As close as we got to riding horseback.

Ted giving his State Of the Union address.

We then drove into Fredericksburg for a late lunch and a bit of strolling through the Memorial Gardens.  It was a bit too cold to stay too long and we headed for home.  Ted filled up with fuel and we watched The Bachelor's second last installment.

The fog didn't appear too thick on Tuesday morning so we took off about 8 am.  We had one bathroom break, and another one to say goodbye to Eileen and Tom before leaving I-10 and heading north.  We arrived at the campground around 12:30 to hugs and greetings from the owners and staff.  Not too long after setting up, Jim, Rita, Warren and Judy stopped by to say hello.  It reminds me of Cheers "where everybody knows your name."

Ted washed the entire outside, I did the inside and then we took the first bags of some things home.  Everything was fine there except my car battery was dead.  Having tossed our charger when it conked out without replacing it, we left in the truck and will deal with getting a new charger and get my car going on Wednesday.  I stopped at Nancy's to get our mail and we returned to the campground.

Gerre and Barry had called and made plans to come by to visit and out to dinner.  We sat inside until about 7:00 then went to Mario's to eat.  Tommy and Susan were not at the campground until about 8:00 and sent a text they were fixing dinner for us on Thursday.  

I worked on opening the mail, tossing the extraneous stuff and finally was too tired to think straight.  We turned in early to get an early start the next day.

Our son-in-law Bill is having knee replacement surgery today.  Please offer up a prayer for his safety and a successful operation.  He has some health issues that complicate his having suregery so it will be no walk in the park for him.

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