Sunday, March 15, 2015

Does Mother Nature Know Spring is Next Week?

Friday's weather was cool enough for a jacket.  Where is the sun?  

Stella called and we made plans to meet her and Jay as well as Tommy and Susan at Mel's Diner for their all you can eat shrimp and catfish dinner.  Mel's has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and ironically Man Vs. Food was there at 1:30 Friday to film a segment on eating the Mel Burger which stands about a foot high!  Our friends Judy and Warren were there to see the man do it.  He stopped at their table so maybe they won't end up on the cutting room floor.  It airs April 14.  Afterwards we came back to our house for coffee and a short visit.

After church on Saturday we played cards at Kathleen and Bill's house.  I ended up first and Ted second so we got all the winnings.  This is the $5 game so we won about $25!  Not a bad night.

Ted went shooting on Sunday and my things were delivered from Amazon.  It had said arrival on Sunday but I didn't believe them!  One was a hall tree for the corner of the guest room so there is a place for guests to hang things.  I had it put together in no time.  The other things were hanging shelves for our closet to put my purses in.  When I was done with that I did the armoire in the guest room.  I am ready for our April company!

Monday I played bunco and won $15!  I am on a roll!  Afterwards I bought flowers to take to Carol because she had some surgery last week.  I stayed for quite a while visiting both her and Terry.  Ted made soup for dinner and we watched the first episode of Dancing With The Stars.  The new folks need lots of practice.  The one outstanding dancer was Rumor Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.  She is the picture of her mother and certainly can dance.

Ted and I shared doctor appointments on Tuesday morning.  First up was the dermatologist.  He froze lots of junk off me and stuck a lancet like thing in some others.  Nothing to be worried about.  

He did two biopsies on Ted and has him putting his "chemical warfare" on his forehead.  Ted's Irish heritage including what I call his "cheap Irish skin" has him with more worrisome spots.  With two family members dealing with melanomas, let's hope Ted doesn't join them.

We were still fasting but had a two hour lag between doctor appointments so we came home, then headed back out to our GP.  I just needed blood work for my cholesterol medicine.  My blood pressure was awesome!  I told him my hip bothers me at night when I sleep on it so he suggested we change sides so I am not laying on it all night.  It doesn't bother me during the day or when walking so we will take his advice.  I moved Ted's CPAP machine and my things when we came home.   Ted had blood work and his PSA exam.  Now my OB-GYN and mammogram are the last two things.  I will be glad when all the appointments are over, all the test results are in and are GOOD.  

Today I attended a meeting of my voluntary organization and saw the first bluebonnets of the season as I drove there.  Our meeting was to vote on various programs to be continued, started up or remain as pilot programs.  I abstained on one because I didn't know enough about it as a pilot program this year.  Friday I will attend a regular meeting.  It is my turn to bring a breakfast bread so I will give my banana bread another shot.  Sure hope I don't lose electrcity again!

Isabelle is coming tomorrow to gather up all the dust Chris didn't while we were gone.  He doesn't use much beyond his bedroom and bath so dusting isn't on his radar.  I don't mind because dust doesn't hurt anything.  If she wasn't going to be able to come I would have had to give in and do it myself!  

Beauty is everlasting and dust is for a time


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