Sunday, March 8, 2015

Still At It

I spent the entire day working on taxes.  When Gerre called mid afternoon I was still in my PJs!  She wanted us to come play cards around 6:30 so I agreed.  Ted was working a shoot at the gun club and would be home in time.  A little while later she called again and said the other folks were going to the K of C fish fry at 5:00.  I told her I didn't think Ted would be home in time, to just go and call us when they were on their way home and we would leave.

When Ted called around 3:00 saying he was on his way home, he decided we could make the 5:00 dinner.  So it was crunch time for me to find a good stopping point and hop in the shower to start getting ready.  Of course it was a day where I also needed to shampoo my hair!  But we made it!

Ted laughed when we walked in and right next to where you paid for your dinner was a raffle - for a rifle and a handgun.  He said "only in Texas" and then proceeded to buy tickets!  The fish dinner was very good and we got to visit with the folks we were with on the Panama Canal cruise.  Afterwards we went back to Gerre's and 9 of us played cards.  It was almost 11:00 when we got home.

On Saturday, I finished the taxes, did laundry and emptied bags.  We made plans to go to dinner with Terry and Carol after Mass.  Our first choice was an hour wait so we moved on.  The second  choice was 20 minutes which turned in to close to an hour!  But when we were finished eating, the place had cleared enough that we were able to sit and talk awhile.  It wasn't long after arriving home that I was in bed early for the second night in a row.

Daylight Savings Time came with its own rainy cold front.  Ted looked outside and went back to bed.  I continued on doing laundry.  For some reason I got the bug and started trying on everything in my closet and tossing lots of stuff.  The day slipped by so quickly.  Ted went to the grocery and made dinner.  It felt good to have accomplished so much.  I could start the week on an even keel.

Monday I finished the laundry that was left here when we took off in December.  I found myself folding Christmas linens in March.  After lunch it was time to go play Canasta.  Since it was still cold and raining Ted made a pot of chili for dinner and then we watched the final episode of The Bachelor.  I don't hold out a lot of hope for this couple.  They are just from too different backgrounds.  Time will tell.

I ordered some shelving and things for our master closet so I really tore it apart until I had to stop until the things arrive.  I filled two large garbage bags and our big recycling bin.  A lot of that came from Ted's man cave room where I started in after doing all I could in the closet.  For some reason he won't throw anything, including empty boxes, away!  I did the side with shelves but left his workbenches alone.  One of these days I will have enough nerve to tackle them.

We played Shanghai Wednesday night and we both came in third at our respective tables.  Both of us got stuck not getting down one of the six hands.  Our group has moved to a restaurant since the country club is going through renovations.  With their remodel we may not be able to play there when it is finished.  We will decide when they complete the work.

Today was our neighborhood luncheon.  It is still so hard for all of us to be together without Wanda.  Afterwards I stopped at Walmart and came home to work a bit on my closet.  There is nothing left to do until my hanging things arrive.  But then I will be done!

I have no words of wisdom to quote so I will share this thought.

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