Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Am I the Only One?

We saw American Sniper yesterday because the weather was cold and drizzly so it was a good day for a movie.  While the battle scenes were truly remarkable in their authenticity, I felt like very little credence was given to what his family was going through at home.  They also rushed through his treatment when he returned home even though it was apparent he had issues.  I felt like there were three stories to be told - the war, the family, the return.  And though the war was covered realistically, I found how they portrayed the family situation and his PTSD very nonchalant.  Ted complains I am not fun to see a movie with because I am too logical.  He always tells me "it is just a movie."   But this was a true story and too much of it was left out.

We went to a 3:00 show so I did two loads of laundry and made a pot of chili before we left.  It was even colder when we came out of the theater so it was nice to come home to a warm, dry spot with dinner ready to go.  Add in The Bachelor and Castle and it was a good evening.

Tuesday was Couples Lunch Out so we decided to attend.  It was a very nice restaurant, good food and enjoyable conversation.  The weather was still chilly so we just came back home.  At 3:45 Ted and I both went for a haircut ($10 each!) and spent the evening at home.  I had forgotten to post on FB that we would be at the Clubhouse to play Shanghai so we didn't think anyone would be there.

The sun returned on Wednesday and Ted helped Niles with gates, concrete, raking, etc. on the gun range then he left to shoot at the gun club with Don and Dave at 1:00.  I cleaned some, took the afghan to Jan for the last hem and after lunch Eileen and I headed out.  Jan said I needed to add a tag to my afghan to put my name and date on it.  We found them at Hobby Lobby but now I need a fine tip waterproof marker to write with.

I used my new crockpot for a pot roast that was a jumble of my normal recipe.  Usually I use onion soup, mushrooms and red wine.  After trying a "3 envelope recipe" I have been including a ranch dressing envelope.  We are trying to use up what we have so I made do.  I had the two envelopes but replaced mushrooms with a small can of carrots along with a whole, cut up onion and white wine for red wine.  I was able to use a slotted spoon to fill a bowl with cooked onions and carrots and thickened the broth into gravy.  No seasoning was needed.  Ted loved it!  I made some noodles and he had a great dinner (his words!).

Thursday we headed back to Mexico to try the nail salon.  Eileen got shellac nails, Ted had a pedicure and I had both.  I just wanted it done so I don't have to do it as soon as I get home.  There is too much else I have to do.  Entire cost, $40 for all.  It was a wonderful pedicure and Ted liked it even better than the other salon.  He and Tom spent time at the Rose Garden outdoor bar waiting for us.  When we came back through Customs there were two ladies so drunk their husbands were holding them up.  I guess they got through okay.  The drinks are pretty potent I understand.  Ted said he had a beer for breakfast and a margarita for lunch!

We decided to try Cheddar's for dinner because we were in their 45 minute lull time period.  We were seated right away and by the time we left around 5, they were out the door waiting.  Survivor and Amazing Race started their new seasons so you know how glad that makes me.

Friday continued to be cooler than average.  We went to the grocery for a few necessary items and then Ted took Sue to the gun range.  He also took advantage of a box of grapefruits put out in the neighborhood that said FREE.  Nice Ruby Red ones.  He has all our tires checked, chairs stored and tanks dumped.  We are getting ready to roll.

Tonight was a baked potato bar supper.  Since it was cool, all 120 people ate inside and now they know their capacity.  We were home in time to watch the second episode of Amazing Race.  

We have a garage sale neighborhood wide tomorrow, finish packing up, church and card bingo.  We don't need to leave real early Sunday since we are going to San Antonio.

Here are two photos to finish out the week.  The first is my finished afghan, the second is Sweet little Miss Jemma who is already one month old but still not up to 10 lbs.  isn't she the cutest thing?

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