Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Great Weekend

Friday we went in to stay with the kids in the afternoon.  I had laundry to do, Kara asked me to make cucumber salad, we played Mexican Train with the kids for two hours and I wrapped the three pieces of luggage we bought as their shower gift.  Morgan had a Christmas ornament she bought at Disney World for them and asked me to wrap that too.  It was a pretty busy afternoon.

When Kara came home, Ted started the grill and we had burgers, corn on the cob, fruit salad and cucumbers for dinner.  Kelly, Pat, Cassie and Kyle came too.  Dessert was haystack cookies and three different flavors of ice cream to choose from.  It fed the crowd without too much trouble.

Ted went shooting on Saturday and we left around 4:00 for Mass.  Ted poked me to turn around and there was Bill, Kara, Sam and Morgan in the row behind us.  After church we went to Olive Garden.  The fellows and kids then went to Bass Pro Shop while Kara and I hit Meijer's for cereal, then Joann's and Michael's looking for card stock for the place cards.  We chose lavender for the back, purple/lavender paisley for the second matting and white for the third piece that will have names and table numbers.  I will be using the paper cutter sometime this week!

Today was the wedding shower.  We went in early for the gal who did Kara's make up and hair today as a dry run for the wedding, to give me a haircut but when it came to styling it, she just couldn't do it.  I finally went upstairs and used my Big Sexy Hair mousse (oxymoron for me!), used the round brush while blowing it dry then used the curling iron on it.  I will be looking elsewhere for the wedding day!  

The gal in Florida who has done my hair the five years I lived there and every visit since then is the absolute best.  Even with a photo from the last wedding, this gal didn't come close.  The amazing thing is even when I asked the kids to get me the mirror from her and then I came downstairs, she never batted an eye.  Said it looked fine and she didn't think she needed to touch it up!  She had no problem charging for a cut AND style.

Off we went to the restaurant and met about 40 people, some of whom are Bill's relatives, others are Bill and Kara's friends in common.  I know some of Kara's friends from school and jobs over the years.  Ally was able to attend and it was our first chance to see her.

Everything was lovely thanks to Bill's sister Marilyn who handled all the details.  All I had to do was show up with my credit card!  It was a lovely party.  The few children in attendance had their own table and were well behaved all afternoon.  Bill, Ted and Bill's cousin Ken sat at a table by themselves by choice and were deep in discussions the whole time.  Every table seemed to be having a great time.

We stopped by Kara's to help unload the car, I tried on my dress for the wedding for Kara to see, then headed for home but stopped at the grocery to get things for two salads I am taking to Gus and Melissa's tomorrow for dinner.

Ted has a fire going and just stuck his head in to coax me to sit out for awhile.  We can sleep in tomorrow.  Yeah!

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