Tuesday, June 17, 2014

And We Are Off!

While I hosted bunco, Ted gathered up his things, hooked up the trailer and moved it to a park near us.  By the time he had it all set up, the ladies had left and I was cleaning up.  I split "most losses" money with Carol and Judy so I got my $5 back.  I have been on a roll!

It took a while to get the tables cleared off, the dishwasher filled and the leftovers attended to.  We took my clothes and pantry foods over, leaving the refrigerated and frozen foods for our last trip.  It was about 3:30 when we were finished.  Chris had not arrived yet so we just left a note telling him we were gone and "welcome home."  I don't know who enjoys this arrangement better, him or us.

After Ted ran to Walmart to pick up his prescription, we settled in having a light dinner and watched The Bachelorette.  It has been boring this time I think.  Learning she is going to be on Bachelor Pad this summer makes me wonder what happens at the end of this season.

I was pooped and was in bed at 10:30.  Ted said he came to bed a little after 11:00.  That gave us an opportunity to leave a bit earlier in the morning, 7:45.  We would have made it by 7:30 but Cliff, our neighbor, came out and I think Chatty Kathy would be a good nickname.  He was a really nice and interesting guy but we wanted to get on the road.  I kept inching toward the truck and finally was able to get my hand on the door handle.  He wished us well and we were off.

We made a stop when Ted saw diesel for $3.54 even though we didn't need much at that point.  We took the opportunity for him to get coffee and I hit the Ladies Room just because it was there.  We made another stop at the Arkansas Welcome Center for lunch and another pit stop.  We usually stay in Texarkana but it was only 1:00 so we went on to Benton, Arkansas.  

We are in a new to us park eight miles south of Benton.  It is right off I-30 but back in the trees so is very quiet.  The $23 fee was nice too.  Fees have been more in the $30-35 a night range lately.  When we stop overnight I want safe, easy in, easy out; quiet with good water pressure and reliable electricity.  I don't care about dog runs, laundry rooms, playggrounds, etc.  When we come inside and close the blinds it makes no never mind what is outside.

We unhitched and went for fuel and came back for another light dinner.  We are watching TV and messing with our computers.  We head to Sikeston, Missouri in the morning.  It is one of our favorite stops because we will have dinner at Lambert's, home of the throwed rolls!  Travel Thursday will be to Terre Haute, Indiana.  Instead of Shipshewana we are going on to Grand Lake St. Marys State Park in Ohio for Friday and Saturday nights to visit with my brother, Dan.

Sunday we go to the parking lot at the factory in Howe, IN.  We have a 7 am Monday morning appointment.  If the trailer has to go to the paint shop we will be put up in a hotel by the manufacturer. I just know that by Thursday morning we need to be heading to Addison Oaks in Michigan for a 3-4 week stay.

“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”  
~ Michael Palin

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