Thursday, June 5, 2014

And Ted Keeps Cooking Dinner

I drove to Connie's on Saturday so she, Jody, Jenny and I could ride together to the baby shower.  It is about an hour's drive but with construction and traffic it took an hour and a half.  I don't know where I was exactly but it certainly was beautiful.  The house was 9,000 sq. ft. and absolutely gorgeous.  A pool, spa and swim up bar were under construction and over look a lake.  Wow!

There was a full bar, a table of food and a dessert bar all done up in pink.  It was very impressive.  Here is a photo of the cake.  I am not sure what the teapot has to do with a baby girl but it was a neat cake and delicious I was told.  I didn't have any, choosing instead a big stick pretzel dipped in chocolate.  The teapot is made of cake also.

Here are the mother and father to be along with their own baby pictures.

We had our photo taken with the hostess.

It was 7 pm before I got home so we attended church on Sunday morning.  Ted then went shooting and I worked on the wedding program some more.  Kara felt one page was too crowded so I had to shift everything and figure out page breaks that made sense.  

Ted made dinner when he came home.  He has been doing more and more of the cooking and that is fine with me!  He isn't messy and clean up is a breeze.  I hope he keeps this up.

Monday the Lazy Boy guy showed.  He agreed with me about the one side not being right, took some pictures and said someone would call me.  So far - nothing.  I think a stop by the store today may be in order.

I put my first four hour shift in at the Thrift Store on Tuesday.  That leaves 46 to go!  I pulled something near my shoulder blade so used Flex All and a patch when I went to bed. The next day it was fine.  I love that Flex All.

Wednesday got a little crazy.  I had a 1:45 dentist appointment that they called to change to 1:00.  I had a hair appointment at 3:45 but changed it to 5:15 because the seamstress to hem my dress for the wedding was scheduled to be at the dry cleaner at 4:00.  When I got there she was at their other location.  But she said not to come there because there was no mirror.  Communication 101 gone awry.  The other dry cleaner said their lady was on vacation but would be back Monday and she PROBABLY could have it done by Friday.   So today I am taking one more shot between 10 and 2 at the last place I am going to try.  Next stop will be the seamstress in Michigan if this doesn't work.  If you know someone looking for a career, seamstresses seem to be in big demand.

Ted made dinner again last night.  He has to pick up a fellow today at the airport and go to the Chronicle again.  I hope this issue gets solved before we head out.  We did some handouts last night for the meeting.  I am getting better with Windows 8 but am going to look for a class at the communuty college in the fall.  I know there is so much more this new computer can do.  I refuse to be the old dog that can't learn new tricks ... or how to use a new operating system.

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before." ~ Bill Gates

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