Thursday, June 26, 2014

Awww ..... The Pleasant Weather of Michigan in the Summer

After another 6 a.m. move back inside on Tuesday we were dismayed to find no one working on our rig.  Our technician, Fred, was moved again to a slide problem no one else could do.  Getting the best tech has its downfalls!  At 12:30, with two work hours left in the day, we had a bit to say to our contact in the office.  Fred reappeared and finished up and said he would go over all of it at that enchanting 6 a.m. hour on Wednesday before we took it to the paint facility down the road by 7 a.m.

True to his word, Fred came to the trailer Wednesday morning and went over all the things on our list and then sent us off to the paint facility.  We left the trailer there and drove to Shipshewana where we had breakfast before heading into the flea market.  We walked around buying a few little things for about 3.5 hours before heading back.  We checked and our trailer would be ready in one hour.  That gave us time for lunch.

We were lucky in that the swoosh that needed attention was one dark color and not a blended color.  It was ready as promised so we hooked up and drove 3.5 hours to our campground in Michigan.  Our favorite spot was available and in no time we were set up.  First up was getting showers.  With no water hook up or sewer we were "making do" in that parking lot with a sink full of water!  We spent a quiet evening enjoying Michigan's cool temps and better TV.

Today Ted went to see his friends at the gun club and to the grocery.  I spent the time changing the sheets, cleaning some and paying bills.  It was 67 in our bedroom this morning without the A/C running.  

Tomorrow we are staying with Sam and Morgan since the sitter is not available.  Sunday is the wedding shower and so the fun begins again just 4 months after the last wedding!

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