Sunday, June 22, 2014

Waiting For Our Appointment Tomorrow

We did some maneuvering with our route to get from Benton to Sikeston, Missouri.  The intersection of I-40 and I-55 is a nightmare of construction.  We knew this because of our trip through there in April.  We had decided to go north on I-55 out of West Memphis, Arkansas and avoid most of the carnage but that morning the entire intersection was shut down because of a truck fire.  So we took the suggested detour given to us at the Welcome Center the day before.  It suggested going north before Forrest City and then east on another road.   We thought it would be heavy traffic but surprisingly there was hardly any and we had a leisurely drive through farmland and picked up I-55 north of West Memphis.

We arrived at Hinton's in Sikeston, set up, took showers and then drove to Lambert's for dinner.  I love the cucumbers there as much as the "throwed" rolls.  Afterwards we stopped at the outlet mall and I picked up a few items for our two upcoming cruises.  I am setting things aside so I don't have a washed out wardrobe at the end of summer to choose from.  We fueled up and headed home for the evening.

Next day's stop was at Terre Haute, Indiana.  We missed visiting four relatives Brad & Nicole and Toni & Jess because there just aren't any convenient campgrounds in and around Indianapolis.  It is not possible to visit residential areas when you are 53 feet long!  We will just have to see them next year at the 2015 Family Reunion.

From there we continued east into Ohio to Grand Lake State Park to visit for the weekend with my brother Dan and his wife Sue.  They were in Florida for Kristin's wedding and we were in Ohio for their son's wedding but really had little chance to visit.  This made up for it.  We had dinner Friday night where the rehearsal dinner had been held and stayed so long they tried to give us our bill again after having paid it once!

On Saturday we went to the grocery for items to make two dishes for dinner at Sue's.  The bride and groom, Rachel and Brandon, were joining us.  We took the food over, left for church, then came back for dinner.  We ended up sitting around their patio fireplace until almost midnight.

This morning we packed up and headed to the factory.  There are four electric hook ups but only one was being used.  By the time we were backed in and unhitched, another couple arrived and when we came back from fueling up and having breakfast/lunch/dinner, another rig had arrived.  We met everyone, discussed why we were here and then went our separate ways.  We all need to be up dressed and ready to give up our unit at 6 a.m.  

We have minimal things being done so hopefully we will be on our way quickly.  We want to be settled at Addison Oaks by Thursday before the weekend warriors show up, and we have to stay with Sam and Morgan on Friday.

Kara told me today we have to make name cards for the wedding luncheon.  Here we go again!!

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