Sunday, July 29, 2012

Making Lemonade

Once we determined we had to be back at Addison Oaks by July 29, we had to decide what to do.  We chose to stay in Celina, OH and get in a few more visits.  We were glad we bit the bullet and drove the 250+ round trip to Shipshewana IN and the Amish country.  We had a good day there with Sue.

Wednesday, after our long drive, we stayed home to do laundry and I was able to put beef stew in the crockpot for our dinner.  Ted and Dan went shooting in the evening and had a really good time.  Ted knows the fellows there as well as Dan does after all these years.

We chose Thursday to drive to Dayton to take Peter's widow to lunch.  He died the day we arrived in Cincinnati and we didn't want to leave the area without spending some personal time with her.  For someone in their late 80s, she is doing extremely well.  Nicely coiffed, fashionably dressed, she hopped up into the truck with no problem.  She is sharp as a tack and we talked about the paperwork and stuff that comes up no matter how hard you prepare before you die.  Her son, Pete, is close by and is helping her with it all.  We spent a long time at lunch and enjoyed being with her for several hours.

We left there heading to Versailles to catch up with our other patient with the repaired heart valve.  We got into the worst storm AGAIN and it hailed until I thought it would break our windshield.  It was nearly impossible to see where you were going.  But Ted pulled into the far right lane, put on his flashers and crept along past those who had stopped on the shoulder.

We found Eddie in fine spirits and doing very well.  I can detect a bit of breathlessness when he talks.  I assume this is due to his lung being collapsed during the surgery.  It will probably take awhile for that to be functioning at 100%.  Dustin and Brian were home with him and we had a nice visit before another storm went through.  We admired the terrific job Eddie had done on finishing his basement and when we got a break in the rain, took off back to the campground. 

Friday Ted went to the grocery and I made a couple salads and a shortcake in preparation for our company coming on Saturday.  In the evening Sue, Dan and we went back to the Beer Barrel for dinner.  They said their pizza was really good so we needed to give it a try.  We had to wait for a table but it wasn't too long of a wait.  And the pizza is very good.

We were really excited to see Marge and Steve who lived next door to us in the late 70s.  Their daughter was good friends with Kristin.  They visited us when we first moved to Michigan but then lost touch.  Enter Facebook!  Steve caught up with me and we made plans for them to come visit.  It is almost 100 miles one way so we really appreciated their effort.

It is amazing that 30 years can be erased so easily.  We talked and talked for 5+ hours.  Ted grilled some burgers, I had three different salads and strawberry shortcake for lunch.  They are big into cruising and have taken over 30.  They want us to go with them some time.  They are going on one in August and we are going in November so it won't be any time soon but is definitely a possibility.

They left about 4:15 and we headed to Holy Rosary Church for Mass at 5:00.  From there we went to Dan's where his daughter Jamie had arrived.  Her husband Rob and 3.5 year old daughter Taylor were with her.  Lakefest was going on downtown so we all made our way there.  They had vendors, games, food, music, rides, etc.  Little Taylor is not afraid of anything.  She collected lots of toys because everyone was winning at the dart game.  She used to be so shy but this time she talked to us and gave us both a kiss and big hug when we left. 

Today we pulled out about 9 a.m. and now we are set up in our Spot #2 at Addison Oaks.  Ted has started with a head cold so the kids aren't coming out for dinner tonight.  I will go in tomorrow by 10 so Kara and Allen can leave for the hospital.  Ted will stay here and rest up.  We will just have to see how the rest of the week goes.  Allen has a business trip at the end of the week so hopefully Ted will be OK and can come in to be with me when I have to take care of Kara and the kids.

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