Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Resting Up

We waited most of Wednesday to hear about Ed's operation. They were able to repair his valve and did not need to replace it. The personnel were very slow in delivering info to those waiting. He came home on Saturday and we will go see him when he is up for company. Once we got the news, Ted went shooting and we didn't have dinner until very late.

I was not "up to snuff" on Thursday and we just hung out. Ted put some laundry in and got that out of the way. We were waiting for Kara's doctor appointment to determine what our next move would be.

She has to have a second revision surgery on this one stubborn spot so we extended our stay here for another week. We will head back to Addison Oaks next Sunday to keep the kids for a week.

Karen and Ron arrived at Dan's and we met up with them after I got my hair cut. Ron still has the wound vac on his arm from his tangle with the drill press.  It will take another month the doctor said.

Brandon was home and joined us for dinner at the Beer Barrel. This is a new restaurant to the area and has a great menu. It was really late when we finished and we came on home.

Saturday we spent the day with family. Brandon is still working on his log cabin home in the woods so we went to see the progress. We spent the afternoon next to his lake with a nice breeze blowing. Karen, Ron, Ted and I all went to church and then came back to Dan's for dinner.  We met Rachel, Brandon's girlfriend, for the first time.

Ted went shooting on Sunday and Karen and Ron went home. We did a grocery run on Monday and not much else. Ted marinated and grilled some chicken breasts for dinner.

We picked Sue up on Tuesday morning and drove 128 miles to Shipshewana, IN to the flea market. It rained like the hammers of hell and we wondered if it was truly going to clear as was predicted. Just as we arrived the rain stopped and it turned into a perfect day - nice temp and no humidity - also no crowds.

Sue has a dozen grandkids and found lots of things for gifts. She makes jewelry and bought lots of beads. She found garden decorations for two sons' new houses and scarves for whomever she chooses in December.

Ted needed to buy some cleaner he uses on the trailer slides but the fellow had gone home because of the rain. Bummer! Now we will have to order it off the internet and pay shipping.

We had lunch at the Auction Restaurant and left about 4 o'clock to head home. You really need more time but with the weather it wouldn't have done us any good to arrive earlier.

I bought a new watch and a casual dress for our cruise.  Once we get into southern waters our clothes will need to change from warm to cool.  It was just fun showing Sue around and watching her delight in all her finds.

Tomorrow we are going to Dayton to take Peter's widow to lunch.  He died the day we arrived in Cincinnati.  And on Saturday our neighbors from the late 70's are coming to the park to visit and have lunch.  It will be GREAT to see them after all these years.

Another friend has passed away from a massive stroke.  That is #6 since we left home in May.  If they come in threes, we are way over quota or have hit it twice.  Either way, I am ready for good news instead of what we have been getting. 

We will return to Addison Oaks for at least a week and then will ramble around Michigan heading to the west coast on Lake Michigan to the town of Manistee.  Our HitchHiker owners group is meeting for a rally and we are looking forward to a great week with them.

From there it is a stop in Joliet to see Bob and Lorraine and then another three days to home.  I have to admit I am ready to get back.  There has been so much going on this trip that has nothing to do with vacationing and I have so much to do when we get back that I am anxious to get started on it.

We will have two months before going away for the month of November and we will have to peddle really fast to get it all accomplished.  God bless Chris for keeping our home up while we are gone.  Despite all the storms we knew everything was OK.

“Nothing travels faster than light, with the possible exception of bad news, which follows its own rules”  ~ Douglas Adams

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