Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At Last - Cleveland!

I spent 1946 in El Paso, TX and 1971-73 in Cooper City, FL. Other than those time periods, I lived in Cincinnati until 1981... and never went to Cleveland ... until yesterday.

We went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the waterfront next to an ore carrier serving as a museum, and the Science Center.

The architecture is very modern and looks great next to the water.

We took pictures of ourselves outside with the displayed guitars.

There was a video on how Cleveland won the OK to build this museum and the work and financing it took to make it happen. We watched three short snippets on people expressing fear for what this new music would do to young folks. Considering the lyrics kids listen to today, I think they were on the right track!

There are many displays of many different singers and groups consisting of photos, records, instruments, costumes, hand written lyrics, receipts, contracts, etc. but what I liked best was a montage of all the inductees into the Hall of Fame since mid-1980s performing. It was fast paced but took a long time to get to 2012.

There were private areas where you could put on earphones and call up any song and it would play. The ultimate jukebox! Even the ATM machine was a jukebox.

We grabbed a bite for lunch and sat on a balcony overlooking the lake. It was such a nice venue.

After several hours we finished up and met up with Barb again and followed her home. She had some things of Brian's she wanted to give to Ted. Ted's great-niece was home too so we took them to dinner. It was so nice seeing them. It has been 3 years since Brian's funeral and it is still so difficult to believe.

Today we moved SW to Grand Lake. My brother Dan invited us to join his family at the Versailles Inn for dinner. His son Ed's heart surgery is today and we are still waiting to hear.  It was scheduled for 6:30 am and I am getting concerned.  He was in good spirits last night and I am praying all is OK.

We drove home watching the most beautiful sunset.

Brandon has a girlfriend now so he was out with her and we didn't see him yet. I learned we have Baby #4 on the way within the family. I will have to be sure everyone gets added to the family tree before the 2013 family reunion.

Our week is unplanned but that will fix itself I am sure. Please say a prayer for Ed.

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Tommy said...

How do you do it? Nice photos, nice story, ultimate retired couple. Thanks for showing me around the country and the world. You guys are awesome.
We miss ya so you can come home anytime now....

see ya,
T and S