Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Gorgeous Week in a Gorgeous Setting

Ted went shooting Thursday and afterwards we went looking at campgrounds. It is apparent that boating is king and parks are an afterthought. We decided we liked the state park best. Camp Perry where Ted has been shooting has a great campground but the national shooting matches keep it full most of the summer. It could be difficult to get in to but it would be worth a try. There are 10 full hook up spots in the state park and it would be worth a try to get one of them if we were going to stay for an extended period.

We had been told by two different people to try the Mon Ami Restaurant and Historic Winery. When Ted's nephew Brian's widow contacted us to get together, she suggested she drive over here and have dinner there so we readily agreed. Turns out her best friend and husband have a cottage on the lake right across the street from the park and they joined us. We had a delicious dinner and a very nice visit. We bought some wine in the gift shop and will enjoy it over the next few weeks.

We went to St. Joseph Church in Marblehead Saturday afternoon and then drove to the end of the peninsula for a bite to eat. I had a Lake Erie walleye sandwich. That might be pickerel to you. Afterwards we went to Lakeside, a community on the lake within Marblehead that is a gated community. But we had tickets to the Vicki Lawrence "Mama" show so were allowed in. It was like walking back to the 1940s or 50s. There is a beach, parks, shops, restaurants, cottages, bed & breakfasts, kids on bikes, folks strollong around and was so charming.

We really enjoyed the show. It was open seating but we were in the center in the 12th row so we couldn't complain. Vicki did half the show and Mama did the second half. We found it very enjoyable, laughing and laughing at some timely jokes. It was dark by the time we got home. The 10 pm sunset has given way to 9:30 or so.

Today Ted went shooting and I cleaned out the refrigerator in anticipation of a grocery run when he returned. The Speedway diesel jumped from $3.39 to $3.59 so we hurried to Kroger where theirs was still at $3.39. After shopping we had a dime off so we filled up.

Tomorrow we are going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tuesday we head to St. Mary OH for a week long visit with family. We know where we will be until August 3. But the time from then until August 17 is up in the air. Oh the freedom to hook up and move whenever the urge or need grabs us. We do know we will be in Michigan during that time. But where exactly is anyone's guess.

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Kelly said...

It looks like you both enjoyed your time along Lake Erie. I am disappointed we were not able to join you at Put-In-Bay. Let us know where you'll be in Michigan and we'll try to head to where you are, even if it's just the girls and I. Pat has an open house at work in the middle of August so he has long hours ahead and maybe weekend hours until then.