Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Abrupt Start To Tuesday

We went to church in Lake Orion on Saturday afternoon and came home to the campground in full swing. We ended up in the middle of a 6 family/friend group who argued over whose neighbor we were. Both sides were claiming us. We were invited to join them but mostly stayed around our own fire. The kids were having a ball playing and there was lots of "corn hole" going on. It reminded me of the camping trips we took with the kids back in the '70s.

On Sunday we drove to Waterford to Barb and Randy's home for a visit and boat ride on Lake Oakland before going to Olive Garden for dinner. Their beautiful home on the lake is for sale; they plan to move to Florida by their daughter. We had a terrific visit and know by next year they may be gone from this area. We promised to visit when we are in Florida visiting Kristin.

On Monday we headed to Kara's to pick up the kids. We have 8 birthdays in a short period of time and I took the easy way out sending checks to everyone. Sam had told us he wanted to go shopping and Morgan gave me the check back saying she did too.

So off we went to Toys R Us where Sam chose a machine gun type Nerf gun. Then we had lunch at Olga's before continuing on to Somerset Mall to Build A Bear. Molly, who was "born" last Christmas while we were here, needed a new outfit, matching shoes and a pair of roller skates. Everyone was happy and we headed to Kara's for dinner.

This morning we were awakened at 6:30 by the weather siren. Having been in this park when a small tornado went through, we took the warning seriously. So our first hour of the day was spent outside the bathroom/ laundry building with lots of others campers.

Another year we were without electric for three days at this park so we are grateful the storm passed without incident and the electric is still on.

Tonight is Neil Diamond at DTE Energy which to us is still Pine Knob. We have pavilion seats so hopefully the weather will not be a factor. The tickets are a thank you gift from Kara and Allen. Neil is one of my favorites and at the price of the tickets, he better still have "it."

Brother Love, we are heading to your traveling salvation show - don't disappoint.

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