Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well you didn't really think everything would be OK did you?

After 12 hours with the kids on Monday I got home just in time to start with a cold of my own. Allen had to get a babysitter to pick up Kara on Tuesday and Ally spent the night so he could take Kara to the doctor this morning.

Ted is feeling much better. He washed the trailer, went to the grocery and made dinner last night. I am still all stuffed up and sneezing my head off so I can't go anywhere near Kara.

Ted may go in tomorrow and Friday while Allen works at a site. Hopefully I will get well enough to go with him.

And my niece Jamie that we were with last Saturday had her candy store broken into while they were gone over the weekend.

This black cloud following us needs to take a hike!

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