Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Crazy Weather Continues

After the all clear on Tuesday morning, we went about our business as usual. I did three loads of laundry and we both showered as we prepared to go to the DTE Energy Music Theater to see Neil Diamond. We were sitting in our recliners about 4 pm when a huge storm with three episodes of hail went through and the power went out. Since the recliners are electric theater seats, we had a problem - how to get out of the chairs from the reclining position. Let's just not go there! Suffice to say we made it.

There was a break in the rain so we left for the show figuring the 8,000 people with $50 lawn seats were licking their wounds. The storm started in earnest again and we could hardly see. We drove through deep standing water and threw rooster combs as we drove. Thankfully when we arrived the rain had stopped - but the 8,000 lawn ticket holders and 7,000 pavilion patrons were all there too and no one even mentioned the weather!

We grabbed a bite, sharing a table with a lovely couple from Grosse Isle, MI which is quite a distance "down river" as it is referred to. They didn't mention the weather either.

We had 9th row center seats and they couldn't have been better. The show started at 8:30 and went uninterrupted until 10:15. Neil still looks and sounds the same as the first time I saw him in concert in the late 70s in Cincinnati. He still has it and put on an awesome concert.

Then there was the horror of the parking lot. This venue is 40 years old and no one has figured out how to empty it in less than an hour. We spent as long getting home as we did at the concert.

And we still had no power. That meant sleeping without A/C which was OK but Ted could not use his C-pap machine so he didn't sleep well.

We awoke to no power and continued to use propane for the refrigerator, water heater and cooking. The 12 volt provided lights. When the temperature climbed into the high 90s we went to the Romeo Diner just as much to cool off as to eat.

We then went to Kelly's for the day and everyone was getting weather alerts on their phones. A big storm went through with hail and when there was a break we headed for home. And we had power! If we didn't we were going to go back to Kara's.

I woke up this morning to a storm and the trailer was being buffeted around like I have never experienced. All is quiet now but enough is enough!

Rainbows apologize for angry skies - Sylvia Voirol

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