Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring - For The Fifth Time

We experienced spring down in the Rio Grande Valley while there in February.  Then we came home to spring in our own yard.  We arrived in southern France for one more go at it and as we traveled to Paris we enjoyed the flowers and trees blooming along the way.

We arrived in Michigan Thursday for another enjoyment of the trees budding, the lilacs blooming and spring once more in the air.

On Friday Kristin arrived here from Florida and we picked her up at the airport.  Sam had a baseball game that we all attended.  He had an exciting night getting a run, getting hit by a pitch and making a great catch at second base when bases were loaded.

We all had things to do Saturday morning.  Allen took Sam to ball practice, Kara took Morgan with her to the hairdresser and Ted and I picked up the cake and delivered it along with photos and certificates for display to the restaurant.

Because Allen was the lector and Ted & I were communion distributors, we were seated in the first row.  All the children looked great in their good clothes.

Ted served the host to Morgan and I served her the wine.  Because we were on the side and not the middle, the number of First Communicants coming to us was less than when we served at Sam's Mass two years ago.

There was a private party room reserved at Dave & Buster's for 50 people after Mass.  Besides dinner, everyone received $10 play cards for the arcade. We all either gave our cards to one of the kids or gave the tickets won to Morgan.  She ended up with almost 8,000 points and had a good time choosing gifts.

Today everyone came for dinner and to watch Morgan open her gifts.  Kara is taking Kristin to the airport and I'm helping Sam with spelling words and vocabulary.  Tomorrow everyone goes back to school or work except us.  We'll find something to do I have no doubt.

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