Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My "catching up" is running into my "planning ahead"

I seem to be tieing up loose ends on one hand and getting ready to leave again on the other.  All I know is that it never stops. 

We went to church Saturday then to play Canasta.  Ted and I won high couple and got our $10 back.  We had a good time seeing everyone.  We try to attend as many activities as possible in May because many things stop for the summer. 

Sunday being Mother's Day we had two opportunities to go out to eat but I knew every place would be very busy so we opted to have Terry & Carol over for a brisket Ted smoked and avoid the crowds.  I received cards, gifts and calls from all the girls.  It was a nice day.

I had to play Canasta again on Monday afternoon and for dinner we met Gus and Melissa (the last fellow I worked for before leaving Celanese) who are in town staying with their son.  We enjoyed a three hour dinner and Gus picked up the tab because we had them to our house for dinner last time.  Ted tried to split the bill with him but he wouldn't have it.  We hope to see them again in Michigan while up there this summer.

Today I was scheduled to work two hours at the thrift shop but ended up staying for four.  There had been a big push to get all the summer stuff out so we spent today getting winter clothes out of storage bins and preparing them for the fall.  We had to tag, size and color coordinate them on racks where they will stay until they are taken downstairs for final inspection and being put out for sale.  That frees up the storage bins and shelf space for the next onslaught of contributions.  I am filling in for Jill next Tuesday so she can attend the luncheon given for those in charge of service projects.  Those will be my final hours and I will finish the year at 55.5.  Whew!  I just made it past my required 50.

Tomorrow is the Newcomers end of year luncheon with installation of officers and acknowledgement of Activity Chairs.  I think I have been around in that capacity longer than any other Chair.  My group started in October 2001 and we are still going strong.  It should be a nice ending to the year.  The new officers will be working hard all summer getting our Annual Tea and activities ready for next fall.

Of course there are things on for next weekend too and I'm looking at my calendar wondering how I am going to get the RV ready to roll.  There are several things I need to take to folks up north, paperwork to take with me, clothes, food, maps and camping books, etc.  I have next Thursday and Saturday open and I intend to keep them like that so I don't forget something important.

We almost had a new housesitter this summer.  A couple we know is between houses but now appear to be moving in around July 1 so Chris breathed a big sigh of relief when we told him they wouldn't need our house.  He so looks forward to his "bachelor" time alone away from Mom and Dad.  In today's economy there are lots of adult children living at home again.  It's a win-win situation for all of us.

Ted is in Dallas and I intend to get a lot accomplished tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

"Always gotta keep busy or the voices start telling me to do wild things." ~ Steve Brown

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