Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Enjoying This Weather ... But The Heat Is Coming

We've had delightful weather since our return from France but now the temps are heating up.  The 90s are knocking at the door so we'll be glad to head north on Sunday.

Last weekend we ended up going out to dinner with Terry & Carol after church.  On Sunday Ted was up at 7:00 to head to the gun club where he was to referee a sporting clays event and prepare lunch for his own league which has just finished up.  They were going to share the brisket the club was serving at the event they were hosting.  Around 8:00 I got a panic phone call from him.  Seems the brisket was not taken out of the freezer and Mike had 40 lbs. of frozen meat that needed to be ready in three hours.  There were also beans to cook but they would be no problem.

Ted had taken my crockpot and big roaster for his own lunch preparations so I gave them my best thoughts on how to get the meat defrosted and ready for serving by noon.  It all worked out but Ted said he never shot a single round all day.

He came home with his roaster and crockpot to clean just as I was walking out the door to meet Mary Ann and the dinner group for Dining Out.  Again there was an entire table of unaccompanied ladies.  Society is really a "couples" thing and we all should take more time to be inclusive of single people in our groups.  No one seemed to think anything about my appearance at two different events without Ted.

Monday was my bunco group and I had lots of errands afterward.  Make a bank deposit, vote in the primary, mail a package at the post office, buy another box (for the base of the lamp) and buy a few greeting cards.  The day was pretty much shot when I got home but we had lots of leftovers in the refrigerator for dinner.

I worked my last two hours for this season at the thrift shop on Tuesday.  Ted was going shooting so Gerre picked me up and we went out to dinner.  Today our Geneaology Genies are meeting at her house and this afternoon we are driving our friends to the airport for a flight to attend the Indy 500.  I'm glad I left Thursday free because it gives me time to go to the hair and nail salon before we head out.

Suzy and I are having lunch on Friday to go over her Forum Work Schedule for next season.  She too won't be here in August for the sign up so we are having a friend do it for us.  Of course Peggy needs to know where we want to work and that's what we'll put together over lunch.  I recruited Suzy but have been gone so much I feel like I dumped her into the middle of Forum and abandoned her.  She said "not at all" and has enjoyed meeting the new Provisionals (this year's class of inductees).  It is Rebecca's day to clean but I'll pay her before I leave and she knows how to lock up if I'm not back before she leaves.  She and I have been playing Words With Friends and that keeps us in pretty close contact chatting while playing.

The lamp is now boxed in two separate boxes stacked on Chris' bed.  They will go in the back seat of the truck so will be the last things packed.  Chris won't come down until after we leave early Sunday so his bed will be cleared off and ready for him.  I asked Rebecca why she thought her in-laws house had not sold.  She thinks it is because they have not updated the house beyond the "basics" that were used when it was built.  People want granite or solid surface kitchens, hardwood floors, crown molding, etc. in homes today.  I wish them luck over the summer.  They don't plan to move far so Chris housesitting won't be a problem.

Next stop - Durant, OK.

On the road again, I can't wait to get on the road again ♫ ~ Willie Nelson


Carol @arewethereyet said...

Donna - That is mine and Dan's "song" whenever we start our on one of our adventures. Dan always starts singing as soon as we hit the highway! Funny that you put it on you blog! (I always say - "Home again, Home again, jiggy, jig" when we get back home) LOL!
Hugs -

Barbara said...

Yes, society is geared to "couples" and thanks for your thoughts about the singles. After being invited to the clubhouse to play games, I was turned away because I did not have a partner. That hurt! One lady came to apologize the next day but the damage was done.