Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day in Chanute, KS

We enjoyed our time at Choctaw but were on the road before 8 again on Monday morning. Traffic was light and we went through Tulsa with no problems arriving in Chanute about 1 pm. Greg and Judy were at the campground and said happy hour was at 4 o'clock and we would go out to dinner afterwards. We had a nice visit with them and two other couples, both of them leaving today while we and Greg were just arriving for service. We called it a night early because we had to be at the factory at 7 am.

Lots of folks were up early, hooking up and heading to the Service Department. Several rigs pulled into the bays and once everyone had talked to their technician, we all went to the Grain Bin for breakfast and then back to the factory to take the tour. When Ed saw it was all of us, he showed us the new units and pointed out new amenities since we've all seen them made and know their quality features.The partial and full body paint looks really good but at $12,000 for the upgrade I doubt we will ever imbibe in that feature. We did look at a new rig but it was just a newer version of ours and the one difference was not enough medicine chest space in the bathroom. Other than that it was the same as we have so no sense changing right now.

We will spend tonight in a motel because they won't be finished with our trailer. I think it will be done but something with the slide has to dry so it needs to sit overnight. There sre three motels across the street so we'll just go there.

If the trailer is ready by noon as promised we will head to Columbia, MO for overnight. If it gets late we'll just spend another night and head to IL for overnight. Either way we hope to arrive in Cincinnati sometime Friday either early or late.

We have an invitation to John and Sherry's on Friday night and Cindy and Tim's on Saturday. Ted will probably go to the Enquirer lunch on Monday and my grade school group is meeting Wednesday night.

Thursday we will head to Michigan to get settled before the weekend troops arrive at Addison Oaks. We are staying there for a month. Lots will be going on.

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