Sunday, April 1, 2012

Veni, Vidi, Vici

I went, I played, I won!! For the first time ever, I not only won, I won first place at Last Thursday Canasta. With a whopping 27,400 points I came out on top. I guess Canasta is like Life ... showing up is half the battle. I won $25 for my efforts.

I finalized my packing for Wednesday's departure and think I will get by with one large suitcase. If we check two and have only one carry on that will be terrific. I have a YSL leather shopping bag type piece that is great for medicine, jewelry, paperwork, reading material, etc. I'll carry that on and let Ted take the small suitcase. We have to change planes in Paris to go on to Nice and the less we have to drag the better.

Ted was working a Corporate Outing Shoot for Mike at the gun club on Friday and Saturday. I took the dollies to the Marriott on Saturday morning as promised and then had a beauty shop appointment. We didn't have time for church in the afternoon because we had to be at the hotel by 6 p.m. to work the Wine Pull. I did that until 7:15 with Ted pulling the wine bottles when people chose their corks with numbers on them. We perused the Big Board and walked around the Silent Auction Item tables. There just isn't hardly anything we need or want. Ted was looking at a Keurig coffeepot and I bid on a child's baking set and a jade necklace. When the bids went way over what we were willing to spend, we gave up.

Our dinner was delicious - salad, focaccia, beef tenderloin, chicken breast, green beans and rebaked potatoes. By then I was really hungry and ate everything but the chicken which I gave to Ted. Then I helped Janeen get into her Fairy God Cow costume. The Fund-A-Cause auction went really well and I would guess that all the books needed for next year's program have already been bought and paid for.

After the auction was dancing and then the start of getting the Silent Auction items ready to be picked up by their winners. We located one of our dollies and saw the other one going out the door with boxes on it so we had to wait for its return before we could leave. One of the organizers' husbands came up and thanked us for the use of both of our dollies all day because they came in so handy.

Today we went to church early and then to Denny's to have breakfast. Ted let me out to put our name in then hollered out the window "Look for Randy in there. I see his truck." Sure enough he and Brenda were in there so we sat with them and had a great visit. It amazes me, considering every other vehicle down here is a pick-up truck, that guys can recognize their own and everyone else's truck. They all look pretty much alike to me, including ours.

Ted has gone off to shoot in his league and I have a free afternoon. Tomorrow is the nail salon and last minute check lists with Chris before we take off on Wednesday. I'm playing Shang Hai on Tuesday and then we're out of here!

♫ ♫ “April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom, holiday tables under the trees.” ♫ ♫
~ E. Y. Harburg


Carol said...

Well, I assume you have left for your trip in Europe - so maybe it's okay that you haven't posted anything in awhile - just a little worried about you with all the tornadoes in Texas and wanted to make sure you were okay. Have fun!

Kristin said...

You're smoking in your blinged out outfit!