Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 7 and 8 - Lyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The "green apple two-step bug" chose this port to come visit.  Three of us in the group were laid low and I missed the bus tour into Lyon (pronounced Lee-Own).  So I'll spare you the historical details and jump to the second day's walking tour that I participated in.

The basilica sits atop the city and is visible from most anywhere in town. I was told of its beauty but never got to see it for myself. I did, however, encounter a statue of Louis XIV in Bellecour Square. The square sits between the Soane and Rhone Rivers and forms the focal center point of the city. It also links the major shopping streets. Louis's statue is sporting a large red shopping bag now. I suppose it is to attest to Lyon's modern face which includes the continued production and weaving of silk.

On our walk we encountered "the market" where we again observed flowers, meat, cheeses and wines all for sale.  Food is very expensive here and beef is almost non-existent.  There is lots of pork, fish, chicken, goat, rabbit and sausage.  The cheeses are too numerous to even think of learning their names.  The line "A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread, - and Thou" rings true throughout France (with a bottle of red wine thrown in).  The instance of heart problems is very low compared to the U.S.  Of course the French, as well as most of all Europe, walk everywhere and with no "fast food" for the most part, they stay healthy.  Here is a cheese stall, a chicken with its head and feet still attached and a flower stall.

Next stop - Macon (pronounced Ma-Cone).  Looks a lot like Macon (Make-in) to me!!

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